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Who Hosts This Website?

Flywheel is the host of this website. Login to access your site’s dashboard.
Your account login credentials are:

Account Owner:Jacqui Ricchiuti
[email protected]
Password:Reference the Website Credentials Log

How Do I Make a Backup of My Site?

Flywheel backs up your site each and every night, making sure that your important data is safe and secure, and that you can revert to a previous version in the event that you made a change that broke the site, or for any other reason.

Backups are visible on the “Backups” tab on a site page in the Flywheel control panel. From here you can see statistics about each backup, and select an individual backup to restore.

How Do I Manage My Flywheel Billing & Accounts

There are a number of FAQs regarding this topic and can be read at your convenience.