Frequently Asked Questions

Does Keep Akron Beautiful accept recycling?

Keep Akron Beautiful does not accept recycling. If your Akron residence does not have curbside recycling, such as in the case of an apartment building, you can take recycling to any Akron Fire Department and place in their City of Akron toter. Note: Akron Fire Departments appreciate metal cans that benefit Aluminum Cans for Burned Children (The Children’s Hospital of Akron).

Do I have to wait for Clean Up Akron Month to perform a litter clean up with my group?

We can provide supplies for a public property clean up anytime. We just need to know where you will be cleaning, how many participants, and how many bags of trash you collected. For more information, email Emma.

How can I help curb littering on my business property?

Litter attracts more litter, so: (1) Provide sufficient trash, ash and recycling receptacles both inside and outside your establishment; (2) Ensure consistent and ongoing cleanup efforts;  (3) Use landscaping maintenance to beautify your establishment and signage to promote a sense of personal responsibility; (4) Incorporate litter prevention into employee tasks and maintenance schedule; and (5) Encourage employees to volunteer for an organized cleanup.

How can I become an Adopt-A-Site volunteer?

You must first choose a public space for planting. This area must be in convenient and close proximity to a hydrant (without having to use a hose across a roadway). The site must be in a safe area, for those doing the gardening, in a place that is visible to the public, and with topography suitable for planting. You will need to have the commitment of several volunteers who are willing to maintain the garden throughout the summer and during more than one planting season, with one person agreeing to be the contact. Assistance is given the first year for landscape plan, materials and site prep.

If you are interested, email Leah.

How can I help in the effort to end littering?

If everyone in Akron picked up one piece of litter in a day, we will have removed 199,210 pieces of litter in that day!

The best way to discourage people from littering is by setting a good example: (1) Don’t throw your litter on the ground; (2) Pick up litter you see and dispose of it properly; (3) Don’t throw any litter (including cigarette butts) out of your car; (4) Check to make sure that any trash cans you own have a tight fitting lid; and (5) Encourage your friends and neighbors to perform cleanups, even if it is just a once- or twice-a-month walk through your neighborhood. Calling all joggers and walkers: Take a bag on your jog or walk and pick up litter on your favorite path or route to add to your exercise/weight loss routine.

How can I borrow Keep Akron Beautiful special event trash containers?

Call 330-375-2116 or email [email protected] with the date of event and the number of litter and/or recycling bins you would like to get.  Also, let us know when you will be available to pick them up Monday through Friday between 8am and 4pm. Note: You must load your own vehicle and you must return the boxes 2 business days after your event. Feel free to drop them off in the lobby and call or email us to let us know you returned.

How do I dispose of leftover paint?

Our partners at Summit ReWorks say that latex paint, made mostly of water, can be dried out, using newspapers, kitty litter or sawdust, and placed in your curbside trash. For other types of paint or additional information, call 330-374-0383 or visit

How do I dispose of unused medications?

Do not flush or throw away unused prescription medications. Visit, a service of the Summit County Public Health department, to find D.U.M.P. (Dispose Unused Medications Properly) locations near you.

Why can’t Keep Akron Beautiful do anything about panhandler trash?

A person cannot be fined for littering unless caught in the act by law enforcement. Keep Akron Beautiful performs litter sweeps of on and off ramps on a loop throughout the year.

How do I donate to Keep Akron Beautiful?

If you would like to donate to Keep Akron Beautiful programming, you may donate online or send donations to Keep Akron Beautiful at 850 E. Market St., Akron OH 44305-2424.

How do I get a Keep Akron Beautiful “You Litter, We Fine” sign?

“You Litter, We Fine” signs can be requested by calling Keep Akron Beautiful at 330-375-2116 or emailing us at [email protected]. These signs are placed once a year by us upon approval by the city. Keep in mind that a person cannot be fined for littering unless caught in the act by law enforcement and simply posting anti-littering signs in already-littered areas can work to exacerbate the problem rather than fix it.

How do I reserve the trailers?

Trailer rental applications are taken May-September (weather permitting). Criteria apply. Visit our trailer page for more details.

How do I sign up for Clean Up Akron Month and other community cleanups such as the cleanup at Summit Lake?  

Registration for both community cleanups and a volunteer cleanups can done on our Clean Up Akron Month page starting March 1.  For volunteer cleanups, you choose the public space cleanup site and the date of your cleanup event. KAB will pack supplies and someone from your group will need to pick them up at our office, located at 850 East Market St., Akron, OH 44305.  If you are joining an organized community cleanup, simply mark which location you would like to volunteer at.

How do I volunteer with Keep Akron Beautiful?

Visit our volunteer page to see our open opportunities. You can also register for our newsletter to learn about volunteer opportunities or follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

How should I report a dumping in progress?

Call the Akron Police Department at 330-375-2552 or 330-375-2181.

How should I report an illegal dumping on PRIVATE property?

Call City of Akron Customer Service at 330-375-2311.

How should I report an illegal dumping on PUBLIC property?

Call Keep Akron Beautiful 330-375-2116 or the City of Akron Customer Service at 330-375-2311.

What is recyclable at curbside?

Visit the City of Akron Recycling Collection Division website page at or call Customer Service at 330-375-2311.

What are other options for recycling?

Visit our partners at Summit ReWorks at or call them at 330-374-0383.

Where can I take my hazardous waste?

If you are a Summit County resident, you can take your hazardous materials to the HHW Recycling Center (run by Summit ReWorks) at 1201 Graham Rd, Stow, OH 44224, located at the Rt. 8 overpass. Note: Open seasonally. Call 330-374-0383 for more information or visit

Where can I take paper for shredding?

Contact our partners at Integrity Fiber for their services by calling 330-535-1001 or visiting their website Consider dropping off your non-confidential papers in River Valley paper bins located at many participating Akron public or private schools. 

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