Akron Parks Week 2019

The First Akron Parks Week was a huge success!

Here’s what happened during the APW projects that KAB was a part of!

We kicked off our involvement in Akron Parks Week on June 8th with Akron Community Foundation at Waters Park. At this site, the volunteers mulched, stained benches and also power washed the veteran’s monument. During all their hard work, the volunteers from Akron Community Center received a visit from the mayor to thank them for their work on the park.

On June 11th ,we continued our involvement in Akron Parks Week with two projects at Chestnut Ridge Park and Hardesty Park. Our volunteers from Crum & Forster worked on mulching the playground and litter cleanup around Chestnut Ridge Park. While volunteers from Dominion Energy worked on projects such as mulching, planting flowers and painting the pavilion. They also dug a new pathway that connected the old pathway and the playground to the pavilion area. While the volunteers were adding some finishing touches to the playground by painting the equipment and staining picnic tables and benches, they received a visit from James Hardy, Deputy Mayor, to thank them for all of their hard work on Hardesty Park.

The project with Crum & Forster at Chestnut Ridge Park wrapped up on June 12th. The volunteers worked on the finishing touches of mulching the playground, as well as weeded the amphitheatre, painted over graffiti in the pavilion and repainted parts of the original playground. After finishing up at Chestnut Ridge Park, our volunteers split up and went to work on projects at Joy Park and Cascade Plaza. At Joy Park, a few of the members from Crum & Forster mulched while the rest of them pruned and weeded at Cascade Plaza with the Flowerscape Crew.

On June 15th, Suncrest Gardens volunteered to helped out at Goodyear Square Park. The volunteers cleaned up, edged and planted the flower beds as well as fixed a few of the birdhouses.

To wrap up our involvement in Akron Parks Week, on June 19th volunteers from the Lowe’s of Fairlawn built and stained 25 picnic tables that will be used all summer at Lock 3. The volunteers at Lock 3 also got a visit from the Mayor to thank them for all their work.

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