Volunteer opportunities exist year-round at Keep Akron Beautiful. We are always looking for people who would like to help the community. In 34 years, this nonprofit agency has developed and sustained one of the best urban landscaping programs in the national Keep America Beautiful system and organized thousands of community volunteers to clean up neighborhoods and city parks.

  • Do you think a simple thank you certificate inspires the homeowners of Akron to continue to beautify their property and keep it litter-free? We do, and you could help us identify the residences and businesses in Akron that deserve a Beautification Watch Award by canvassing one of seventeen routes during the month of July.
  • Keep Akron Beautiful has been recruiting thousands of citizens every spring for 34 years to pick up litter and dumping on public land during our annual Clean Up Akron Month in 2016! Register a volunteer group to clean or join us at the Akron Zoo in hosting a complimentary picnic and awards ceremony for all the cleanup workers who care about how their neighborhood looks.
  • There are over 65 Adopt-A-Sites all over Akron which are public gardens planted and maintained by volunteer groups. We are always looking for volunteers to beautify one of these sites. As an Adopt-A-Site volunteer you receive free water and land prep, as well as the chance to purchase your flowers at a whole sale price! We also need volunteers to help us implement a "how-to" clinic for our Adopt-A-Site volunteers every April.
  • How well do you know all ten wards of your city? Join us for a windshield litter survey done each June to subjectively measure the amount of litter each year against a baseline measurement. It's an eye opening experience and you might be pleasantly surprised!
  • Is your neighborhood always littered with trash? Do you know of a city park that could use some attention? KAB offers the chance for volunteers to help the community by picking up litter on public land in Akron. Whatever the situation, you can choose your own location and set your own schedule! Plus, KAB will provide you with free supplies for your hard work AND will collect the bags of trash. Just call us with the location.

    2019 Volunteer Done In A Day Opportunities