Litter Collection Program

You may have seen Keep Akron Beautiful Litter Collection Program crews on the expressways wearing orange safety vests while picking up debris and litter.

The purpose of our Litter Collection Program is to help keep city parks, ballfields, and neighbhorhood roadsides clean and attractive.

We are interested in taking your litter complaints either by phone or email. Contact us. If we can't help you directly, we will try to refer you to the city department which will best serve your needs. You can also call 3-1-1 (330.375.2311) to file a complaint.

Once a complaint for litter on city property is taken by us, the job is put on the work list by the Litter Collection Program Supervisor.


Illegal Dumping is A Criminal Offense    



*REPORTING A DUMPSITE: Call Keep Akron Beautiful at (330) 375-2116 or 3-1-1 (WITHIN THE CITY)

To investigate an illegal dumper KAB needs:

License number of vehicle

Description of the vehicle (make & color)

Description of driver and/or suspects

Location, date and time



One form of illegal dumping we find on public land in Akron is the dumping of tires. Need to recycle a tire? Contact ReWorks at 330-374-0383 or check their list of alternate recycling solutions at



Visit our Litter Reduction page for information on Akron Curbside service, other recycling and disposal programs, and tips on litter prevention and how to recycle properly in the City of Akron.