Three Reasons You Need An Office Plant

By Shelby Baker – Communications Intern

Having plants in and around your home is common, but have you ever thought about having plants in your office? Researchers have found that adding a plant to your office space can really make a change to many things, some of which you might not expect. Here are three reasons why you should really think about adding a plant to your office space.


Improve the Air Quality

Other than looking pretty, plants are used to improve air quality and even remove chemicals from the atmosphere. For those of us who work in offices without windows, this is really valuable. Over time the air in your office will become stale and hot. Rather than asking your boss to spend a lot of your hard-earned money on a ventilation system, place a plant at your desk. As a result of photosynthesis (done by the plant of course) your office will start to feel cooler and less dense. Not only does this help you breathe but it might make your office feel a little less like a box.


Reduce StressGrumpy Coworker

Dogs have been known to relieve stress from our lives. However, not many workplaces will allow you to bring your helpful companion to the office with you. As a substitute to this, bring in your plant. Recent studies have shown that being around plants can reduce stress levels and even improve optimism! This can come in handy for those who might have grumpy desk mates or colleagues. Bring a plant into your office space or give them out as gifts. This way your office air will be cleaner and you might get happier coworkers!


Enhance Productivity

We all have those moments where we’re stumped on a project or can’t think of the right words to use. To help with inspirational matter you could get a plant. Scientists have found that as a result of changes in attitudes and environments brought on by plants, overall productivity increases. So the next time you find that you’re worried about getting a project done by deadline, consider adding a plant to your work life. You never know. Your new plant might give you the inspiration that you need!

plants-in-officeInvest in office plants to help with creativity, stress, and overall air quality today! The results might surprise you and your coworkers!

One thought on “Three Reasons You Need An Office Plant

  1. Very interesting article. I never gave this much thought, but it does make a lot of sense. I especially like the part about grumpy co-workers. Hope you have many plants in your office.

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