This ComPOST is for the Flowerscape Crew: Thanks and See Ya Next Year

Alexander Park Akron Flowerscape

Alexander Park Akron Flowerscape

By Cindy Pantea

This is the last working day of 2012 for our Flowerscape crew. Thank you to Polly Kaczmarek, Flowerscape Director, Sue Johns, Chuck Grunenwald, and Tim Wilson. Great job on the beautiful Keep Akron Beautiful City Flowerscapes, and we’ll see you in the spring.

Yep, the Flowerscape crew has finished cutting down and clearning out the Flowerscapes, taking 6.53 tons of plant material to KB Compost Services, Inc.


Keep Akron Beautiful Yard Waste for Composting

Keep Akron Beautiful Yard Waste for Composting

We can learn a lot from our Flowerscape crew when it comes to our own flowerbeds. Did you know that grass clippings, plant materials and leaves can naturally put nutrients back into the soil? Don’t throw these in the dump or burn! Rather, save the environment (and your lungs) by mulching or composting for your own yard use. Put around trees and plants to keep weeds down, bring moisture to the soil, and regulate soil temperature.Visit the Environmental Protection Agency for information on composting at

Not ready for a compost pile? Then take your yard waste to a composting facility near you.

Hey Polly, while you’re off, we look forward to you sharing your expertise for our own flower gardens. Stay tuned for a post by Polly in the near future on reseeding plants.

Til soon Flowerscape crew…til soon…


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