The Burton D. Morgan Foundation Awards Keep Akron Beautiful Grant to Replace Flowerscape Crew Van

 By Genevieve Bohnak, The University of Akron Intern

The Flowerscape crew of Keep Akron Beautiful (KAB) is responsible for planting and maintaining the 34 urban flowerbeds over the 6-month growing season. Over the past 23 years, Executive Director Polly Kaczmarek and her 3-person crew have been driving the 23 year-old van to the various landscaped sites that are distributed all across the city of Akron. KAB staff saw the need of a new mode of transportation and began to apply for grants to replace it. Finally, after three years of trying, the Burton D. Morgan Flowerscape Crew VanFoundation came to KAB’s rescue! 

The Burton D. Morgan Foundation Trustee awarded grants totaling more than $1 million in February to support programs for youth, college students, and adults to help them develop skills and gain experience in starting business ventures. However, the foundation addresses community needs that fall outside their primary mission. To KAB’s advantage, the Trustees periodically make one-time community grants on a proactive basis to deserving charitable organizations that serve the local area. In February, KAB was awarded one of these proactive grants from the Trustees!

Deborah D. Hoover, Foundation President and Chief Executive Officer commented, “The Burton D. Morgan Foundation is grateful to Keep Akron Beautiful for the organization’s creation of gardens that bring bright colors to Akron’s streetscapes and joy to its residents and visitors.  We are pleased to support the purchase of a new vehicle that will assist with the planting and maintenance of these gardens and are particularly happy to see it making the rounds now that summer has arrived.”  

Look for the flower covered van, with graphics done by Kane Sign, parked at your favorite public lands Flowerscape this summer, thanks to a little help from our friends!


About The Burton D. Morgan Foundation

The Burton D. Morgan Foundation is a private foundation established in 1967, whose mission is to strengthen the free enterprise system by investing in organizations and institutions that foster the entrepreneurial spirit. To advance the mission, the Foundation supports entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education programs and initiatives at the youth, collegiate, and adult levels. A legacy of founder and entrepreneur Burton D. Morgan (1916-2003), the Foundation leverages its grant and staff resources to connect the people, ideas, organizations, and opportunities that comprise the vibrant and growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in Northeast Ohio. For more information, please visit

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