Thank You Keep Akron Beautiful!

By Willa Neale

summit willa

The Keep Akron Beautiful Team at the Summit Lake Clean Up

On my first day as an intern at Keep Akron Beautiful, I had no idea how many opportunities would be made available to me.  I am so thankful for all that I have gained! I have loved being a part of so many major events such as Summit Lake Clean Up, Arbor Day, Clean Up Akron Month and Super Saturday and I am grateful for the hands-on experiences that I have gained during my time here.

My experience with Keep Akron Beautiful has been so much more than a Public Relations Internship.  Since starting in January I have had the chance to take on so many different roles. No two days were the same, and every time I stepped into the office I felt like I was trying out an exciting new profession. Some days I felt like an event planner. Other days I felt like a journalist and photographer. I even had days where I felt like a graphic designer, a social media specialist or an environmental activist.

Since starting at Keep Akron Beautiful, I have gained a deeper passion for the environment and a greater understanding of non-profit work. I have been able to see immediate results when a community comes together for a common goal and I have witnessed the impact that small group of determined people can make when they are driven to make a difference.

No matter what task I was completing, I felt support and appreciation from the entire staff. All of their help has allowed me to grow so much professionally this semester, and I feel prepared to take on whatever my future holds. I am even more excited to begin my internship with Akron Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Miracle Network next fall because if the amazing learning experience that I have had with this office. I am so thankful for every day that I have spent at Keep Akron Beautiful, and I look forward to volunteering with this office in the future!

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