#ThrowBackThursday: Arbor Day Slogans

by Cindy Pantea

Another school year has ended and our Arbor Day contest is complete. Check out our  updated our Arbor Day website page with the winning schools and pictures of the tree planting ceremonies, if you didn’t catch it in our newsletter. (Not a newsletter subscriber? Sign up with your name and email on our homepage on the left side.)

Today, though, we thought we would do a little #ThrowBackThursday blog since we are headed into the warmer weather, so that you can think about the importance of trees and their natural beauty to our health and happiness, while you have fun in the sun.

For a little help, here are all the wonderful slogans from participating Akron fourth grade classrooms for this year’s Arbor Day slogan contest, which was to express how important healthy air is, which comes from trees.

Arbor Day Slogan Contest Entries 2015

  • Trees give us fruit and fun because they’re number one. Glover CLC – Julie Paulus, teacher.
  • Trees help the world go round. Don’t cut them down. King CLC – Tami Porter, teacher.
  • We’re All about Those Trees. Resnik CLC – Bernadette Burton, teacher.
  • Fewer trees, less Breeze, without their leaves, people can’t breathe. Barber CLC – Deborah Geffken, teacher.
  • No trees, no oxygen, no resources, no medicine.  Edge Academy – Derek Rich, teacher.
  • Beautiful Akron, trees are there, please plant trees everywhere. Edge Academy – Derek Rich, teacher.
  • Power to the trees! Without trees, where would we be? Helen Arnold CLC – Brenda Leighton, teacher.
  • Planting trees at home and school will keep you cool. St. Vincent School – Gina Giffels, teacher.
  • Don’t be mean, keep Akron clean, and become green! Betty Jane CLC – Linda Parsell, teacher.
  • People, birds, bees need trees to keep us healthy. Schumacher CLC – Shannon Lamarca, teacher.
  • Trees give us air, so let’s give them care. Our Lady of the Elms School – Autumn Shook, teacher.
  • Trees provide air and more, so I care and adore. Sam Salem CLC – Andra Lessem teacher.
  • Praise all around, because trees help us above and underground. Miller South -Amy Heffernan teacher.
  • At Home Or School, Having Trees is All So Cool!! Harris School – Chris Fassnacht, teacher.
  • Keep trees from the construction, help our lungs function. Seiberling CLC – Diane Fuller, teacher.
  • Healthy air comes from trees; lets’ all protect them please. Resnik  CLC – Anne Pipps, teacher.
  • Trees give us healthy air at home, school and everywhere. Betty Jane CLC-Cindy Orwig, teacher.
  • Everyday is Arbor Day, please don’t cut our trees away! Emmanuel Christian Academy – Dana Marie Baylor, teacher.
  • Need less stress? Plant a tree and let it bless! Windemere CLC – John Dunn, teacher.
  • Gently moving air through trees makes school work a breeze.
  • Trees, Trees, I love trees, don’t cut down trees. Please! Firestone Park School – Jeannine Champe, Teacher.

Again, the winning, second-place and third-place slogans were:

  1. Healthy air comes from trees; lets’ all protect them please. Resnik  CLC – Anne Pipps, teacher.
  2. Trees give us air, so let’s give them care. Our Lady of the Elms School – Autumn Shook, teacher.
  3. Planting trees at home and school will keep you cool. St. Vincent School – Gina Giffels, teacher.

Let’s make everyday Arbor Day!

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Pam Ray, Education Specialist at KAB, Talks Arbor Day

By: Nalee Vang, Communications Intern

“Arbor Day is just a reminder for them to plant a tree, to help the environment”

Arbor Day is a nationally celebrated observance day that encourages tree planting and care. Founded by J. Sterling Morton in 1872, it is celebrated every year on the last Friday in April. Here at Keep Akron Beautiful, we have been celebrating Arbor Day for over 20 years.

Pam Ray, the woman behind it all, is our Education Specialist at KAB. Known as “The Tree Lady” by students, Pam has given seedlings to every public, charter and private school fourth grader in the City of Akron for 26 years. Students not only receive complimentary seed packets but also pencils made from denim and recycled currency for answering questions in a format Jeopardy game. “The most important thing about Arbor Day that we, at KAB, would like for students to know is that trees are very important to their lives,” Pam said. “Without them, they would not be able to live and breathe, and Arbor Day is just a reminder for them to plant a tree, to help the environment.” Year after year, fourth graders have proven that they are not too young to learn about this very important day. “We chose fourth graders because we felt they are mature enough to fully understand the importance of trees and their duties; they reduce air pollution, conserve energy and also add beauty and color to the world,” Pam said.

Although an event as big as this one can be exciting and fun, it is also a detailed process that requires hard work and a lot of organization in order for it to occur. First, all schools, administrators, principals and teachers must be contacted via email, letters and phone calls. Next, we have to go over all details about our program and schedule presentations to go into the schools. Then, we must order the trees (seedlings) and contact seniors and volunteers to help pack and deliver them to the schools.

arborday_opt (1)

Harris Elementary, 2014’s Arbor Day Slogan Contest Winner


Now, that’s a lot of work, but it doesn’t stop there! We also have an Arbor Day Slogan Contest, in which we choose a statement about trees, and have students write a slogan in 10 words or less. Then, five judges will choose the three best slogans to win a tree donated by local landscapers. We help plant the trees on Arbor Day and the Mayor is always present to help the first place winner. “The success of the program is organization and caring people who not only love Akron, but also love the people of Akron, especially our youth,” Pam said.

Since we have been celebrating Arbor Day for such a long time, there have been quite a few changes to the program. “We have come a long way since 1989 when I first started,” Pam said. From PowerPoint presentations to viewing slides from a Smart Board digital screen, technology has also played a huge part in the success of it all. Teachers are given an evaluation after each presentation which allows them to give us feedback, suggestions and any new ideas they may have. At the end of each season, an overview is done to correct any mistakes and review, or add ideas that may work for the program in the future.


Hope Academy University


“I love students; they know if you’re a real believer of what you’re speaking about” Pam said. “I love their reaction to slides they viewed and places they have visited.” Arbor Day gives students a chance to learn all about trees so that the next time they see that tree, they can remember and know what they learned with “The Tree Lady”.

How about you? Do you remember Pam’s presentation about Arbor Day when you were a fourth grader? Share your story with us!

Where and How to Recycle A Tree in Summit County

By Jacqui Ricchiuti

The live Christmas tree that you have in your home will soon be ready for recycling! Here is a list of what to do after you take off the beautiful decorations and get ready for 2015!

Summit Metro Parks will recycle Christmas trees through January 31. Trees, cleaned of all decorations and tinsel, may be dropped off at five locations:

  • Little Turtle Pond at Firestone Metro Park, 2400 Harrington Road, Akron.
  • Brushwood Area at Furnace Run Metro Park, 4955 Townsend Road, Richfield Township.
  • Main Entrance (near the rear parking lot, near sled hill) at Goodyear Heights Metro Park, 2077 Newton St., Akron.
  • Treaty Line Area of Sand Run Metro Park, 995 Treaty Line Road, between Merriman Road and North Portage Path, Akron.
  • Big Oak area of Silver Creek Metro Park, 5199 Medina Line Road, Norton.

Visitors are to look for the signs that identify each drop-off area in the above parking lots. The park district typically gets about 2,000 trees, which it turns into mulch for the parks. For more information, call 330.865.8065 or visit www.summitmetroparks.org.

Akron- Leave your tree at the curb on regular trash days.

Barberton- Leave at curb on designated days by wards: Wards 5 and 6- January 12; Wards 1 and 4- January 13; and Wards 2 and 3- January 14.

Boston Heights- Leave by the roadside on Mondays through January.

Copley Township- Leave at the curb before 7 a.m. on January 5.

Fairlawn- Drop off at designated site near the Fairlawn compactor at 3294 Fairlawn Service Drive, off South Smith Road, any time.

Green- Place at curb on regular trash days or leave trees out by 6 a.m. January 3 and January 10 for recycling. Residents may also take to the city’s recycling center, 5383 Massillon Road, from noon to 5 p.m. on weekdays.

Hudson- Leave at the curbside by 7 a.m. on scheduled pickup days (by quadrants) from January 12- February 6. Residents of private lanes must place trees at the curb of the nearest public street. For schedule go to www.hudson.oh.us and enter “mulch” in the search box for more information on the Merry Mulch Program.

Macedonia- Leave at the curb on regular trash days. City residents may also leave trees on the brush pile at 9000 Valley View Road.

Mogadore- Residents should contact individual trash haulers.

Munroe Falls- Leave at the curb by 7:30 a.m. on January 14.

Hope you had a happy holiday!


Arbor Day Slogan Contest 2013

The importance of trees is something that should be remembered all year round, not just on Arbor Day. Here at Keep Akron Beautiful, we like to think the Akron School students and teachers who participated in this year’s Arbor Day slogan contest are helping to make that idea come true.

The schools were given the task to come up with a ten word slogan that reflected the fundamental roles that trees play in conserving humans’ use of energy. Thanks to our schools, we have three catchy slogans to get stuck in your head and remind you of our important message.

“When it’s hot, trees give shade that hits the spot!”

Arbor Day Slogan Contest 2013

4th grade students at Bettes Elementary School, lead by teacher Joanne Yarnell, came up with our first place slogan.

On Friday April 26, Mayor Don Plusquellic presented a Proclamation and award certificate to Principal David Brown at the school tree planting ceremony which took place on the Bettes School campus. KAB CEO Paula Davis and Education Specialist Pam Ray were also there to congratulate the school as their new tree, donated by Suncrest Gardens was planted with the help of the Suncrest crew and fourth grade students.

“We take care of trees… they take care of us!”

Arbor Day Slogan Contest 2013

Our second place slogan came to us from Betty Jane CLC under the leadership of teacher Shelly Partis.

School principal Kim Summers, Ward 6 Councilma Bob Hoch were in attendance at the Darrow Road campus to see R.B. Stout help the kid plant their new tree.

“Trees are cool, they help us save fossil fuel.”

Arbor Day Slogan Contest 2013

And finally, our third place slogan was created by the fourth grade class at Windemere CLC under the supervision of teacher Mike Dunn.

Vizmeg Landscaping donated a tree appropriate for the campus on Windemere Avenue and went on to help the students plant the tree, giving them instructions on proper care. Students from the class read poems to celebrate Arbor Day.

Although a panel of judges could only choose three winning slogans, there were a total of 24 schools that submitted a slogan entry. That means there are 24 other schools that educated themselves on the importance of trees and took the responsibility of creating a message that would help educate others!

Congratulations to our winners this year and thanks to everyone who participated!

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