How to Black Friday Holiday Shop While Being Eco-Friendly

By Jacqui Flaherty, Program Manager

gogreenholidayHopefully everyone had a great holiday and is well-fed at this point. For those of you who’ll be braving the shopping scene tomorrow, the biggest shopping day of the year, we’ve a put together a few suggestions on how to reduce your Black Friday footprint. Right now, we are sure you are knee-deep into the Black Friday ad’s, but take a look at some of our suggestions to make better decisions tomorrow.

1. Transportation – Traffic will be heavy on all the major routes today. You can help reduce air pollution and green house gas emissions (and save money!) by choosing an alternative to getting in your car. Where do you want to shop? Is it within biking distance? Is it on a bus line? If you have to get in your car, can you find an alternate route to take? Can you carpool? If you have friends going to the same place, you could give them a lift and collectively save on gas.

2. Shopping bags – Help reduce packaging waste by remembering to bring your re-usable shopping bags! They’re more durable than paper or plastic ones, so your items won’t fall out of the bottom of a paper or plastic bag!

3. Lunch – If it’s going to be a long trip, pack up some leftovers from the fridge in some re-usable containers. If you don’t have to eat out, you won’t generate any food packaging waste (and this will save you more money!) Chances are that you have something healthier and tastier at home than what you would find in a mall food court.

4. Water bottle –  Bring a re-usable water bottle with you — this will keep you from having to buy disposable ones while you’re out.

5. Shop local – Depending on your quest, you may be able to find some of your treasures at local shops or markets. Products made locally have less distance to travel and therefore save on transportation fuel and packaging.

6. Shop online – Avoid using any gas, the crowds, the lines, and the whole hassle and shop from the comfort of your couch. In your pajamas! And slippers! Online shopping is 15 times more eco-friendly than shopping in the store!

Best of luck with your holiday shopping! Be safe and be eco-friendly!