Waste-Less Jeans by Levi’s

By Helen Dauka, Keep Akron Beautiful Intern

Can you tell which of these pairs of Levi’s Jeans contains at least 20% materials from recycled plastic bottles and food trays?





The answer is the pair of Jeans on the left.
If you had troubles guessing which was which, don’t worry that’s the point. Levi’s new line of jeans, Wasteless, is designed to be more sustainable without the person wearing them being able to see or feel the difference.

So let’s talk specifics. What do jeans made of 20 percent recycled materials mean? It means each pair of jeans are saving eight 12- to 20-ounce bottles.

Brown beer bottles, green soda bottles, clear water bottle and black food trays are all sent to a manufacturing plant where they are broken down into tiny pellets, spun into polyester fibers and woven with cotton to produce the denim you see pictured above.

Johnathon Kirby, vice president of men’s design at Levis Strauss said that, “The end goal is to get people to think a little bit differently about about what they do with their waste. We want them to realize that a piece of trash can actually become something else that’s relevant to them.”

This ties in with what environmentalists call, “closing the loop.”

Now that you can see the difference these jeans are making for the world you can head over to Levi’s website and decide whether you can see yourself in the Wasteless jeans! There are Wasteless jeans for girls too!

If you find yourself loving the feeling of helping the environment and the feeling of the wasteless jeans, you might want to try Levi’s Waterless jeans too.