What Type of Flowers Reseed Themselves

by Polly Kaczmarek, Keep Akron Beautiful Flowerscape Director

Alyssum in Keep Akron Beautiful Flowerscape

Purple alyssum borders this Keep Akron Beautiful Flowerscape.

Letting annuals reseed in your garden is a great way to fill in spaces and cut down on the expense of buying annual plants every year! The trick is to be aware of new seedlings when preparing your flower beds for planting in early summer. Some seedlings don’t germinate until the soil has warmed up – so be patient! Patches of new seedlings may need to be thinned out  and can be easily moved when they are 2-3” tall. Some varieties that we have had good luck with are the following:

  • Verbena – “Bonariensus” reseeds very readily but other varieties can also reseed
  • Rudbeckia – you may know them as black-eyed susans; however, what you may not know is that there are 23 species of Rudbeckia and even annual or biennial varieties may winter over from plants left in the ground or reseed — we’ve had luck with “Prairie Sun,” “Indian Summer” and “Autumn Colors” varieties
  • Gomphrena
  • Ageratum – especially the taller varieties such as “Blue Horizon”
  • Cleome
  • Nicotiana – especially the taller varieties such as “Sylvestris” “Nicki” and ”Heaven Scent”
  • Alyssum
  • Heleniumwe’ve had luck with Helenium “Dakota Gold”
  • Calendula  – also called pot marigolds
  • Zinnia “Augustifolia”
  • Cosmos
  • Antirrhinum – you may know them as snapdragons  – will sometimes winter over from the plants left in the ground, and also reseeds

These reseeding plants have helped to reduce our overall flower bill. I hope that it will help you too. Happy gardening!

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This ComPOST is for the Flowerscape Crew: Thanks and See Ya Next Year

Alexander Park Akron Flowerscape

Alexander Park Akron Flowerscape

By Cindy Pantea

This is the last working day of 2012 for our Flowerscape crew. Thank you to Polly Kaczmarek, Flowerscape Director, Sue Johns, Chuck Grunenwald, and Tim Wilson. Great job on the beautiful Keep Akron Beautiful City Flowerscapes, and we’ll see you in the spring.

Yep, the Flowerscape crew has finished cutting down and clearning out the Flowerscapes, taking 6.53 tons of plant material to KB Compost Services, Inc.


Keep Akron Beautiful Yard Waste for Composting

Keep Akron Beautiful Yard Waste for Composting

We can learn a lot from our Flowerscape crew when it comes to our own flowerbeds. Did you know that grass clippings, plant materials and leaves can naturally put nutrients back into the soil? Don’t throw these in the dump or burn! Rather, save the environment (and your lungs) by mulching or composting for your own yard use. Put around trees and plants to keep weeds down, bring moisture to the soil, and regulate soil temperature.Visit the Environmental Protection Agency for information on composting at http://www.epa.gov/osw/conserve/rrr/composting/by_compost.htm.

Not ready for a compost pile? Then take your yard waste to a composting facility near you.

Hey Polly, while you’re off, we look forward to you sharing your expertise for our own flower gardens. Stay tuned for a post by Polly in the near future on reseeding plants.

Til soon Flowerscape crew…til soon…


Akron Residents Appreciate Community Improvement Efforts of Keep Akron Beautiful

By Cindy Pantea

Keep Akron Beautiful cash donation and note for beautification

“Just a note” from a proud Akron resident.

As an Administrative Assistant for Keep Akron Beautiful, one of my jobs is to record monies received from fundraising, donations, and grants. One thing I know is that Akron residents like the community improvement efforts of Keep Akron Beautiful and want to help.

From the Overwood Triangles Group  who is “happy to be a part of beautifying our city,” to the single water bill donor, Susan, who added “Love the flowers,” with an accompanying smiley face, you all make this job of mine more awesome every day!

And to Timothy, Wendy, Stephen, Judith, Renee, and anyone else who has written notes to thank the program and crews for the beautification work, your words have been forwarded on…most definitely.

Last but not least, although the words of thanks are a little added “fun” in the donation envelope, we cannot stress enough that everyone’s donations throughout the year, in a tough economy, is much appreciated and allows us to Keep Akron Beautiful for YOU as well as out-of-town visitors you may want to brag to by showing our wonderful Akron city Flowerscapes.

On behalf of Keep Akron Beautiful, thank you, and we look forward to more of your notes.

If you want to say more, reply to this post. We would love to read your comments!