Sustainability at Home, Work, and School Affects Our Environment

by Cindy Pantea

This is the second year for The Summit of Sustainabilty Awards (SOSA), and this time we are honoring five winners for their business sustainability efforts.

These winners’ sustainability best practices will be shown in 3-minute videos by Steve Felix at The Summit of Sustainability Awards breakfast on Thursday, October 24, at The University of Akron Quaker Station. This is a public event. Although online registration is closed, you may contact for admission availability.

Why You Should Not Miss This Event?

The SOSA Committee has been working diligently to improve the SOSA program so that it will really drive home the fact that all humans in every aspect of everyday life are responsible for saving the planet.

One change was to increase the number of winners from three to five, which allowed organizations with fewer employees and less revenue to compete and share their sustainability best practices, which are based on their limited resources. It also allowed public entities (government and schools) to compete and share their best practices.

Robert Buchanan speaking at The Summit of Sustainability AwardsThen the SOSA Committee intended to grab the attention of the entire public by getting speaker Robert Buchanan, Founder and former President & CEO of Polar Bear’s International, whose passion now is to get everyone involved in saving the planet. Go to for more info.

Because Mr. Buchanan will offer a Founder’s Award at this speaking engagement, the SOSA Committee then had the task of finding a unique group of individuals to suggest as a possible recipient. The Committee suggested the Summit Food Policy Coalition, who has brought attention to the benefits that locally grown foods have in reducing food miles and landfill waste.

By the way, this is going to be a local foods event. And, zero waste, same as last year, of course.

Then, Mr. Buchanan asked the SOSA Committee to suggest personal guests to invite to this event, and the Committee suggested students from Kent State University and The University of Akron.

Sustainability is the future and whether we work to save the planet from home or on our jobs or at school…it is vital. This event will help you come up with ideas so you can be a part of this necessary movement.

Why does Keep Akron Beautiful do The Summit of Sustainability Awards?

As it is Keep Akron Beautiful’s mission: Improving Akron’s quality of life through beautification and responsible environmental management, Keep Akron Beautiful President & CEO, Paula Davis, has been charged to help facilitate the Mayor’s Greenprint for Akron plan as Director.

As such, the Greenprint for Akron’s Green Ribbon Panel has been meeting since 2009 and working to satisfy the City’s sustainability goals.

As Akron has been doing a good job reaching their goals, the desire came to go beyond the City to engage the community in being a part of Mayor Plusquellic’s Greenprint for Akron plan.

As such, The Summit of Sustainability was the inspiration of past Greenprint for Akron’s Green Ribbon Panel member, Paul Feezel, and Paula Davis, President & CEO of Keep Akron Beautiful/Director, Greenprint for Akron.

Remember, we are all in this together after all. It’s our planet.

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