Reusing Your Kitchen

By: Shelby Baker – Communications Intern

Replacing items in your kitchen to make them reusable can be very beneficial. Check out this list of 10 things you can make reusable in your kitchen!

Paperless Paper Towels:Paper Towel

  • Although this sounds bizarre, making paperless paper towels for the kitchen can save you a lot of cash! Instead of having to grab a new paper towel every time there’s a spill, rip off one of your cloth towels, clean up, and throw it in the dirty laundry for next time. After you’ve washed them all, wind them up and use them again. This saves you money and a trip to the store for a new roll!

Coffee Creamer Containers:

  • Coffee CreamersCoffee Creamer containers are a surprisingly good storage unit for snacks! After you’re done using all the creamer, wash it out and rip off the label. Then fill them up with any snack you need to store. This works great for those of us with tiny kitchens or anyone who takes trips frequently.




Dryer Sheets:Dryer Sheets

  • Okay so this one is not really kitchen based but why not make reusable dryer sheets? These sheets are very simple to make and can last for more than one load of laundry, saving you loads of money on store bought sheets!


  • TotesDon’t fit into an old t-shirt? Use it to store fruits or vegetables in your kitchen. Cut an old shirt into a tote and hang it somewhere in your kitchen. You can use it to store fruits and vegetables saving you more cupboard space for other foods.



Sandwich Bags:

  • Sandwich bagsIf you like to pack your lunch for work consider using reusable sandwich bags. All that’s needed is some fabric and freezer safe plastic bags. When you’re done at the end of the day just wash them out and reuse them for tomorrows lunch! No more buying boxes of plastic bags that get thrown out at the end of the day!




Coffee Filter:

  • Coffee FilterGiving a reusable coffee filter to the coffee drinker in your life might be the best thing gift you could give them! Simply use the filter, wash, and repeat tomorrow morning. Make them for yourself or craft them up for gifts!





Dust Pans:Dust Pans

  • For those of us college kids who can’t afford fancy brooms and dust pans here is a cheap and easy alternative. Cut a dust pan out of last week’s milk jug to use as a dust pan! This is an inexpensive way to clean up the crumbs you have laying around your kitchen without spending a lot of money. Now if only you could find that broom…




Bowl Covers:

  • Bowl coversAlthough plastic saran wrap is reusable, it can be expensive. Instead of spending excess amounts of money during the holiday season covering your food, use cloth covers. These covers will replace the expensive plastic wrap for little to no cost and does the job just as well.




Swiffer PadsSwiffer pads

  • Like most of the other items on this list Swiffer pads can be costly. However, replacing them with reusable cloth pads can save you money, and can pick up just as much as the store bought kind. When your done just wash them and put them back on your Swiffer for the next mess!



Tissue Boxes:

  • TissuesIf you still prefer plastic grocery bags over reusable ones that’s fine; as long as you plan to reuse them. Store them in your left-over tissue boxes laying around the living room. This will keep them neatly stored for when you find a project for them. However, don’t forget that reusable bags can save you more money in the end anyways!




For guidance on making an item listed above click on a picture. If you’re interested in going green or looking for simple ways to save money around the house try some of these ideas out! Going green is awesome and can be fun! Why not give it a try?

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