Let’s Recycle Akron!

By Jacqui Flaherty, Program Manager

How do you recycle? What do you recycle? Are you using your recycling bins that The City of Akron has provided

How to Recycle: Mix together all recyclables  place in a clear plastic bag and place in your recycling cart. Please remember to flatten cardboard boxes, empty and rinse all containers, and place all recyclables in a clear plastic bag.

Let’s go over the acceptable items to recycle if you are a City of Akron resident:

1) Milk, juice, broth, soup and other food and beverage cartons

2) Plastics #1- #7

3) Paper & Cardboard: Do not tie and bundle.

4) Aluminum & other metal cans – labels are fine

5) Glass bottles & jars- labels are fine

Check out the new PDF on Recycling in Akron ~ make sure to share it with your neighbors and friends. Let’s avoid putting recyclables in the trash, Akron! Keep as much waste out of the landfills as possible.

Having an event and need to keep your guests litter, cans and plastic separate? Keep Akron Beautiful can loan you a recycling receptacle – learn more.

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