Learn How to Can and Freeze Your Fruits and Veggies

by Cindy Pantea

You don’t want to miss the next part of the Talking in the Garden series presented by Akron Summit Community Action, Inc.

The next event, scheduled for August 29 is “Stop your chatter about what to do with excess food – Just CAN IT!” The art of canning and freezing fruits and veggies with Jan Greene, the Canning Lady.

This is a hands-on workshop that requires no RSVP. Just show up on Thursday, August 29 to Summit Lake AMHA Community Hall, 9 Plato Lane (next to the Pump House Garden) 6PM to 7PM.

how to can and freeze fruits and vegetables

Just on a side note…

I bought a Yonanas frozen treat machine and can freeze my bananas and other fruits to make desserts that are healthier than ice cream. The watermelon is WONDERFUl!

Yes, you can freeze watermelon. And actually, frozen watermelon cubes are a great treat for doggies on a hot day!

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