KAB Announces New Fundraiser for Fall 2015!

By: Shelby Baker – Communications Intern

If you didn’t win this year’s Dreamscape Makeover, Keep Akron Beautiful (KAB) has a new fundraiser to help with your landscaping plans!

Keep Akron Beautiful is giving individuals a second chance at improving their lawns with a new inaugural fundraiser, Bulbscape.

Bulbscape will start in September of this year, and consists of KAB working with Dutch Mill Bulbs Inc., of Hershey, Pennsylvania. KAB will be selling an array of flower bulbs to those who are looking to add beautiful flowers to their gardens and lawns.

Out of the great selection of spring and fall bulbs offered, some include Stargazzer Lilies, Martinette Narcissus, Anemone De Caen and Striped Squills. With any one of the flowers offered in the Dutch Mill catalog you could add color and charm to give your lawn extra curb appeal. With approximately 18 bulbs to choose from, you could have a gorgeous garden by this time next year!

Sales for the Bulbscape fundraiser will run from September 15th to December 1st, 2015. Order forms for these beautiful bulbs may be picked up at the KAB office, through KAB board members and staff or online via a link that will be provided through the KAB website.

For those who cannot wait for the catalogs, here is a preview of some of the beautiful bulbs Dutch Mill has to offer:














If that little preview of the Dutch Mill catalog caught your eye, stop in the Keep Akron Beautiful office later this month to grab your own catalog and start shopping for the beautiful touch your garden could use!

Proceeds from the fundraiser will assist in raising money for the Flowerscape program at Keep Akron beautiful. If you are interested in buying bulbs then you should check out what Bulbscape has to offer. You might even find more than one set of bulbs that you feel you must have in your garden. With so many wonderful choices, Keep Akron Beautiful can’t wait to see what our community will grow!

If you are hesitant to plant bulbs because you’re not sure about how to take care of them, if they will look good in your lawn or if you’re not really certain of what a bulb actually is, make sure to check in on the KAB blog. Throughout the upcoming weeks, leading up to the unveiling of Bulbscape, we will share more information on our newest fundraiser as well as an informative Bulbs 101 to prep you for the next growing season!

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