How to Make Your Own Paper

by Cindy Pantea

If you read Jacqui’s blog post on America Recycles Day about her visit to Case Elementary School in Akron, you learned that the students from Case made their own paper. Making your own paper is a fun activity and a great way to recycle on your own! Here is how the kids at Case made their own paper:

First, the students tore the paper in strips. They used newspaper, but you can use any type of old paper (used notebook paper, used typing paper, used envelopes).

Recycling: How to make paper - shred

Next, the students made pulp with small shreds of paper and some water. While some may use a mortar and pestle, these students used a blender and fed the paper in the top as it was whir-r-rling away!

Recycling: How to make paper - blend to make pulp

Then, the students poured the pulp over a framed screen that was in a pan of water.

Recycling: How to make paper - pour pulp on screen

Next, the students carefully lifted the screen out of the pan of water to let it air dry.

Recycling: How to make paper - lift screen of pulp

Finally, after the paper dried, the students carefully peeled the dried paper from the screen and voila…

Recycling: How to make paper - voila

THEY MADE PAPER!!!! And, you can too!

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