Everything Must Go!!

By Helen Dauka, KAB Intern

The question is, “Go Where?”

You know you need to clean out your closets, basement, attics or storage unit, but you keep coming back to the same problem. Where do you send this stuff to? Garage sales do take some work and aren’t for everyone. So what’s a spring cleaner to do?

Here is a list of organizations that do know what to do with your unwanted stuff:

Operation Blankets of Love
Operation Blankets of Love distributes towels and blankets to shelter pets in need of comfort. So if you have blankets that aren’t keeping you warm, send them to folks who can make sure they’re keeping someone warm.

One Warm Coat
It takes a lot of space to hang on to a bunch of bulky winter coats. Whether it’s a change in temperature or just a change of style, it’s probably time to part with some of those coats. One Warm Coat is the perfect place to send your coats to make sure they get to a person in need.

Dress for Success
Remember when you filled your closet with outfits for interviews, the new job you might be getting, or the outfits you kept, “just in case” you needed to look professional? It’s likely that if those hypothetical situations never came to fruition you probably didn’t wear the outfits. If those outfits were you, you would have worn them by now. Instead, let your unworn outfits help those in need become the people that want to be by sending them to Dress for Success.

Just a few great organizations to get you on your way to a better closet and a better state of mind!

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