Entertain with the Environment in Mind

By: Ashley Foutty, KAB Intern

ecofriendly party

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is a goal for many people. However, maintaining this lifestyle is not always easy. What if being environmentally friendly meant you could throw a party or two? The following tips are a few ways party hosts can entertain with the environment in mind:


1. Serve organic foods and vegetables. Visit your local farmer’s market for fresh and locally grown organic foods. Not only will these products be healthier for the environment, but for your guests, as well! When choosing beverages, try to choose the organic wines, teas, and juices, too!


2. Don’t go disposable. Disposable plates and utensils may seem more convenient when having a get-together but these products are extremely wasteful, especially when they aren’t made from recycled materials. The dinnerware you keep in your home will be more eco-friendly and washing them in a dishwasher is very easy!


3. Go paperless. Nowadays everything can be done online. Instead of using invitations, envelopes, and money for postage, send your friends and family invitations via email, texting, social networking, or even a phone call. If you choose to use the traditional invitations, try choosing ones made from recycled or sustainable materials.


4. Choose a convenient location. If you pick a nearby location for everyone, you and your guests reduce the heavy toll that traveling can take on the environment! Plus, your guests will be very pleased when they find out they don’t have to travel far and wide to make an appearance.


5. Take the party outdoors. Save some energy and use the sunshine as natural light for entertaining and seeing all of your beautiful guests!


Hosting a party and doing so in an environmentally conscious way is a lot easier than you think!

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