Clean Up Akron Month off to an AWESOME start!

Did you notice it’s looking a little cleaner around Akron?
We’d like to think it’s thanks to all the volunteers who have helped Clean Up Akron Month get off to a fantastic start!
We’ve had groups going out each weekend to clean up sites like Alexander Park, Hope Academy University, Perimiter of House of the Lord, Davenport  Park, Summit Lake, Goodyear Boulevard, Glenwood Triangle Park, Wilbeth Arlington Park, East South Street, Prentiss Park, Patterson Park, Frederick Boulevard, the Kenmore area along the Towpath, Goodyear Metro Park, Youth Build Street, Leeser Park, Lane Field and Lawton Street Community Center.

St. Vincent-St. Mary Baseball team took on the challenge of cleaning up the North Street area near their school on April 2. These boys really put in a team effort to clean and their hard work payed off! The Team picked up over 70 bags of trash!Clean Up Akron Month Off to an AMAZING Start!

Here’s the crew from Goodyear cleaning up around Summit Lake. Employees of Goodyear enlisted the  help of their family and friends (even the four legged ones!).Clean Up Akron Month Off to an AMAZING Start!

We can’t say how much we appreciate all our volunteers! There are more clean up scheduled and we’re looking forward to seeing the results!

If you have any photos of your group during CUAM, please send them our way. We’d love to share your story and congratulate your group for all the hard work!


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