Have Yourself a Green November

By: Shelby Baker

This time of year is one of the hardest times to save money. Between shopping and running up your energy bill cooking for guests, money just seems to fly out the door. You might think that some things are a must or you have to spend extra money for better, but the reality is, there is most likely a cheaper alternative to help you save on cash! Here is a list of things to reconsider this holiday season to save more cash:

Cyber Monday


For those of us who don’t care to fight off crowds for the last Xbox One during Black Friday, there’s Cyber Monday. So right now you’re probably wondering how Cyber Monday can save you money right? Well….instead of thinking in money terms let’s talk gas! Purchasing items on Cyber Monday prevents you from running from store to store to get the right gifts and gives you a little more time to spend with the family. Black Friday might save you money in deals, but it tends to rob you of time with your family and gas from your car. As an alternative to running around Black Friday this year, give Cyber Monday a chance to save you family time and gas!




12309688_874114646036715_8022354005719112835_oDid you buy pumpkins this year for Halloween? Pumpkins that have not been carved or damaged in any way can be beneficial to you. Instead of spending money on store bought pumpkin pie for your holiday festivities, use leftover Halloween pumpkins! If you find yourself short of baking supplies, eat your pumpkin instead! Cooking and eating pumpkins has advantages from reducing your risk of cancer to helping you lose weight! You even might want to save your pumpkins until after Thanksgiving to help you fight back into your pants!








Thanksgiving Left-overs

12314415_874114582703388_1038132946088814598_oWho doesn’t love Thanksgiving? You get to spend time with your families, watch football, and eat way too much food! The problem with making so much food though, is that sometimes it can go to waste. The best way to avoid wasting Thanksgiving food is to compare your guests to portion sizes. Using tools like the Thanksgiving Dinner Portions Planner can help you to better judge how much food to cook for your crowd. Other ways to avoid food waste is to eat the left-overs within two days after Thanksgiving, freeze or compost them. There are multiple ways to avoid food waste this Thanksgiving! How do you avoid waste?









Light bulbs

Hosting Thanksgiving at your house can use up a lot of electricity. However, if you ARE hosting Thanksgiving this year don’t panic! There are a few ways to avoid using so much energy with a few tips. First, cook your side dishes alongside your turkey. This gets more than one dish done in the same amount of time, saving energy from your stove. Other tips for saving energy include, changing your cooking-ware, switching your light bulbs to a dimmer bulb, lower your thermostat, and utilize your Tupperware lids! For a full list on ways to save on energy this Thanksgiving check out 9 Ways to Avoid Gobbling Up Energy on Thanksgiving!



This Thanksgiving don’t panic on how much you are spending! Doing research and changing a few simple habits around the house can have you feeling better and save you money. Strive to make this Thanksgiving holiday greener than your last by using some of these methods and see how far it takes you! Then, leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page on how you saved money this holiday. Good luck and enjoy your feasts!

Recycling the Bathroom Properly

By: Shelby Baker

Did you know that recyclable items in your home are not just limited to the kitchen? Believe it or not, you can recycle things from just about any room in your house, including the bathroom! Recycling centers all over, including the City of Akron Recycling Collection Division can help you recycle most of the items found in your bathroom.

Since the most used recyclable items in our bathrooms are bottles, let’s start there!

The first step to figuring out if you can recycle your bottles is to understand what kind of plastic you have in your hands! A quick way to tell is by looking at a container’s Resin Code. Each container has a small recycling symbol with a number inside stamped on it. This is the container/bottle’s Resin Code. Numbers range from one to seven and inform us what type of plastic the container is made from. Check out this chart to find out which type of plastic your containers are made of!


Pill bottle

Plastic bottles like the one pictured here, each have a number indicating which plastic they are made from.

The Akron Recycling Center will take plastic containers with numbers one through seven on them. However, if you are unsure what your container is made of, or it does not contain a number do NOT throw it in with your recycling! The recycling center suggests we toss those bottles in the trash instead of recycling them, as they can contaminate the rest of the recycling during the break-down process.









Pumps and lids, like these, can come from many different containers. Make sure to separate them before recycling!

Pumps and lids, like these, can come from many different containers. Make sure to separate them before recycling!

Okay so now that you’ve figured out if you can recycle your bottle or not, let’s talk lids and pumps. Most of our bathroom containers have pumps. Pumps can be found in shampoo bottles, soap containers, face wash bottles, etc. Unfortunately, because of the spring in each pump, the recycling division cannot recycle them. Just separate pumps and lids from the containers before throwing them in your recycle bin.

The good news about pumps and lids is that they are still recyclable! Other recycling places such as TerraCycle will happily take and recycle pumps from your bathroom containers. Click on the TerraCycle name now to check out their website and see what other awesome things you can recycle through them!







Collect your toilet paper rolls and take them to River Valley Paper Company!

We have recycled our bottles appropriately, separated the pumps and lids correctly and sent each to the proper facility. Now the only thing left are those pesky toilet paper rolls. Toilet paper rolls can be a tricky thing to recycle! As a result of being too small, The City of Akron Recycling Division cannot except them. You can however, still recycle these by sending them to River Valley Paper Company! River Valley will take your toilet paper rolls, along with your paper any day! Click on the River Valley link now to find out hours you can drop your rolls off!






Now that you’ve learned how and where to recycle them, you can properly recycle items from your bathroom items! Always remember to check your containers Resin Code  and separate out your lids and pumps! Also make sure to separate your recycling, so they may go to the proper center, to avoid contamination! Happy recycling!