Add some “Green” to your Red, White & Blue!

By: Ashley Foutty, KAB Intern

The 4th of July weekend is here, which means picnics, barbeques, and getting together with family and friends! Don’t forget to throw some “green” into your mix of red, white, and blue this year!

-It always seems easiest to buy paper dishware to save yourself the trouble of cleaning up more than you already have to! But, could you imagine if everyone made that same decision? Help out your wallet and the environment by using reusable dishware that you already have at home! Clean-up can be quick and easy with a few people working together.

-Speaking of reusable, what if everyone brought their own cup? Bringing a silly mug or cup could not only reduce waste, but also be quite the conversation starter! Using coolers with dispensers are also a good way to reduce bottles and cans, and your guests can refill their cups as needed! If there will be some bottles and cans to dispose of, make sure you have designated recycle bins around the house!

-Take the party outside. The weather is looking perfect for cook-outs, so turn off the lights and A/C, and enjoy the sunshine! Throw some cloth table cloths over your patio tables, and decorate outside. Make sure and save your decorations for next year so you can reduce the amount of garbage. A good thing about 4th of July is that the colors will be the same for next year, so save the environment and some cash by reusing the decorations.

red white blue and green

These are only a few ways you can add some green to this 4th of July weekend. Visit for more eco-friendly tips.

You’ve paid for your kit, but have you received it?

By: Ashley Foutty, KAB Intern

Bob Dyer, of the Akron Beacon Journal, has brought it to our attention that the Ohio Senate Bill 221 indicates that everyone is paying for the “Ohio Energy Conservation Kit”, yet they are only receiving it by request.

What is the “Ohio Energy Conservation Kit?” The kit has a retail value of about $80.00 and contains the following items:

-Three CFL (compact flourescent light bulbs) that are equivalent to 100-watt bulbs

-Two CFLs equivalent to 75-watt bulbs

-Four CFLs equivalent to 60-watt bulbs

-A “smart” power strip with a surge protector

-Two LED night lights

– A furnace whistle (A device that attaches to your furnace filter, which then alerts you when it is time to change it)

About 3% of FirstEnergy’s 1.8 million Ohio customers requested the kit since the start of the program on May 1st. “We are pleased with this response rate, and demand remains steady,” company spokesman Chris Eck said.

Have you requested your kit? CFLs save energy and can last as much as 10 times longer than regular bulbs. You are already paying for the kit, so all you need to do now is request it. If you are an Ohio Edison customer, call 877-639-0218, and have your account number ready. You can also go online at

Visit to learn about more energy-saving programs through First Energy.