Smart Materials and Solid Waste Management

One of the 2012 success stories from the City’s Sanitation Department is the expansion of recycling in business buildings in downtown Akron. The City now has 15 locations where Sanitation has placed 300-gallon recycling containers in the Downtown Business District. The expansion began early in the spring of 2012 when Sanitation began worked with the Downtown Akron Partnership (DAP) to get more downtown business on board for recycling at work. The businesses were encouraged to separate out plastic & glass bottles, paper, and cardboard materials that in turn keep these items out of our landfills by adding them to the City’s curbside recycling program with Greenstar Recycling. There are now a total of 14 new businesses involved in recycling through the City of Akron/DAP green partnership. The program in 2012 has collected 30,000 pounds (15 Tons) of mixed recyclables. The plans in 2013 are to add more downtown business district companies to partner with the City of Akron and DAP to further a greener community.


3 (300 gallon) containers are pictured above in the alley above Musica, Crave, and 3 Point Restaurant.