Smart Energy and Emissions

Honeywell was selected as the City’s partner in February, 2013 to complete an energy retrofit project focused on three (3) city facilities: Municipal Building, Stubbs Justice Center and the Citicenter.  The City of Akron embarked on this endeavor to:

  •  Address needed infrastructure upgrades
  •  Reduce energy and operational expenditures
  •  Promote sustainability and achieve Greenprint goals

The Administration  agreed on a $4.7 million project on April 26thand City Council approved the OAQDA application on May 6, 2013 for the following work on the three buildings:

  • Comprehensive lighting retrofit
  • Major automated building controls upgrade
  • Significant HVAC upgrades:
    • Chiller
    • RTU
    • Steam Traps
    • Heat Pumps
    • Steam Control Valves
    • Booster Pumps

There is significant air quality benefits from these infrastructure upgrades:

  • Reduction in GHG emissions of 1,380 metric tons
  • 6.26 tons of nitrous oxide avoided
  • 0.7 tons of methane avoided

And reduction in energy and operational expenditures:

  • 1st year Guarantee Savings of $209,169 (23.5%of total usage), equating to 10,249 MMBtu of energy reduction
  • Conservation measures meet QECB required 20% energy savings