Smart Conservation of Natural Resources

Cherry Blossom Towpath Trail

The City of Akron received awards of two grants from the Japanese Association of Northeast Ohio (JANO) in 2012. These grants will fund the planting of 100 Yoshino Flowering Cherry along the Ohio and Erie Towpath in downtown Akron, over the next 3 years. In addition, they have already promoted the planting of 425 Flowering Cherry during the 2011 and 2012 planting seasons via existing towpath contracts. In January 2013, the City of Akron received a $10,000 donation from JANO to plant 40 more Cherry Trees in the city. That equates to absorbing 9.1375 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas and producing 64.6 tons of oxygen (O2), enough to sustain 1,105 human beings. The environmental benefits are augmented by visual beauty and improved quality of life, not to mention the good will prompted by the cultural exchange. 


January 2013 Press Release- City to Plant More Cherry Trees Downtown Thanks to JANO


Clean Lake Grant

A Clean Lake grant has been applied for which will improve the water quality along the watershed, as well as Lake Erie itself. The grant requires recipients to obtain an urban tree canopy (UTC) assessment, a process that utilizes infrared aerial imagery to determine the ratio of pervious, non-pervious and canopy (foliage) levels. The data identifies areas of concern and proposes improving the tree canopy, resulting in reduced and delayed stormwater, erosion mitigation, improved air and water quality, energy conservation, carbon storage and oxygen generation, to name a few of the benefits. Reports and tools gained from the UTC will be utilized, along with our I-Tree street tree survey to determine strategic planning, project funding and a host of other environmental initiatives. Interested partners are teaming for a lower consulting fee, a synergistic result and a possible UTC for the entirety of Summit County. UTCs are also the trend for available grant opportunities.