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From 2012-2015 this countywide awards program showcased the best examples of commercial energy efficiency, waste reduction, water conservation and green purchasing. To be sustainable is to balance economic, environmental and social concerns, and to think about how actions taken today will affect future generations. This awards program continues to reveal best sustainable business practices going on within our community and will showcase the winners for others to emulate. 

Visit sosaward12 on YouTube to see videos of SOSA winners as well as individual Sustainability Changemakers and keynote speakers.

In 2015, The Summit of Sustainability began a Sustainable Business Network (SBN) and offered a Green Team Strategies Panel dicussion as well as a needs and wants facilitation at The Duck Club. From that collaboration, the SBN offered three workshops in 2016 (shown below). The Summit of Sustainability and Sustainable Business Network will continue to support sustainable work and programs in 2017 and beyond.