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This is the third year for the countywide awards program that showcases the best examples of commercial energy efficiency, waste reduction, water conservation and green purchasing. To be sustainable is to balance economic, environmental and social concerns, and to think about how actions taken today will affect future generations. This awards program continues to reveal best sustainable business practices going on within our community and will showcase the winners for others to emulate. 

The categories are: Small Companies under 25 employees, Medium Companies with 26-249 employees, Large Companies with over 250 employees, Nonprofit/Community Organizations and Public Sector (Government/Schools). In addition to these categories the judges have reserved the right to award a Summit of Sustainability Award medal to individuals or projects that are innovative within the submitted applications. 

You can go to to view the past winners’ sustainable practices videos which are part of their prize for being selected in their category. The Planning Committee pledged to share the sustainable practices that are helping our community save energy and money, create more transportation choices, preserve clean air and bring economic prosperity through the process. 

This year, the Summit of Sustainability Awards Breakfast will be held on Thursday, October 23, 2014 at The University of Akron’s Quaker Station from 7:30 – 9:00 a.m. Tickets are $25 and can purchased through the Akron Chamber link at Organize a table from your company or organization to come hear our keynote speaker, Graham Russell, a sustainable business professional and sustainability consultant. He brings 25 years of CEO experience in helping small to mid-sized companies in the environmental services and transportation industries understand how a strategy based on the principles of sustainability drives innovation, competitive advantage, job creation and improved financial performance.

The Founding Members of the Summit of Sustainability Awards program are the City of Akron, County of Summit, Keep Akron Beautiful, Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce and ReWorks, formerly known as the Summit Akron Solid Waste Management Authority.  Many generous sponsors have also stepped forward to implement this awards program that provides local sustainable best practices and mentors for businesses as the community works together to be more responsible stewards of its shared environment. 


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Graham Russell, Sustainability Consultant & 2014 Speaker

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