Loan A Receptacle

Do you have an community event? Keep Akron Beautiful's Loan A Receptacle program helps keep the public space litter free!

This corporate-funded program allows us to purchase cardboard boxes ($8 value), plastic recycling frames ($20 value) and liners for both. Your group can use the receptacles, on a loan basis, FREE of charge.

Interested? Call the KAB office at 330-375-2116 or click here to tell us what type of receptacle(s) and how many of each you'll need, the event date, your name and number, and the date and approximate time you plan to pick up. Please bring help with you on pickup day. 

When can you pick up? The Keep Akron Beautiful office is fully staffed M-Th from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please call if you need to make other arrangements.

All receptacles need to be returned after the event so they can be reused. Get more info on the receptacles below.


**Keep Akron Beautiful encourages the separation of cans for the Akron Fire Departments' philanthropic effort benefitting Akron Children's Burn Unit. Take your cans in clear bags to any Akron Fire Dept and place in Akron Ciy toters outside their facilities.**


Litter Boxes


Keep Akron Beautiful Litter Box  in the Loan A Receptacle ProgramOur 50 gallon litter receptacles help collect trash at your event. Please return the litter box in the best condition possible, within a couple days after your event, so that others can reuse it.


You receive one plastic trash liner for each box borrowed. Return any unused liners. Need more? Additional plastic trash liners can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Sam's Club or GFS. Look for 40x45 dimension or larger. Suggestion: For large events, purchase large dimension liners. Then, when you set up for your event, put the larger liner in first and the standard dimension liner that we provide in second. When the trash fills up, you simply remove the first bag to discard and the second bag is already placed and ready to take on more litter.


After your event, all bagged trash must be tied and placed in the venue site dumpster for city pickup or taken home and placed in your blue Akron Smart Cart for curbside trash pickup on your designated trash day.


For a large volume of full bags, you may call Keep Akron Beautiful at 330.375.2116, and we will pick up on the following weekday.


Plastic Recycling Frames


Keep recycling in mind for your event by using our plastic recycling frames to collect mixed recycling at your event, including: clean cardboard, #1-#7 plastics, glass, metal and paper.

PLEASE NO plastic bags, NO cellophane, NO food wrappers, NO pizza boxes, NO lids. Again, this receptacle is given out on a loan basis and must be returned following your event. Note: It is not acceptable to recycle lids or plastic bags because these items can get caught in the machines at the sorting facility.

You will receive two 40x46 recycling bags with each frame borrowed. If you need to purchase more bags, again Wal-Mart, Sam's Club or GFS should have what you need. Any dimension 40x45 (the size of the litter bags above) or larger will fit. Please return any unused liners we provide.

After your event, you can drop off the bags at any City of Akron Fire station. Just place in the Akron City toters.

Get receptacles for your event by calling the KAB office at 330-375-2116 or click here. Remember to tell us the event date, type of receptacle(s) and how many of each needed, your name and phone, and when you plan to pick up. We're fully staffed to greet you M-Th from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call if you need to make other arrangements. Please bring help on pickup day. All receptacles need to be returned after the event so they can be reused.


ACBC - Aluminum Cans for Burned Children

Take your aluminum cans to any Akron Fire Station to benefit Akron Children's Burn Unit.