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Help Us With Litter Reduction

To help with litter reduction in the City of Akron, call Keep Akron Beautiful at 330.375.2116 or the following departments for the stated offense:

    • DUMPING IN PROGRESS. . . . . . . . . . . . . call Akron Police: 330-375-2181

    • DUMPING ON PRIVATE PROPERTY . . . . call City of Akron Customer Service by dialing 3-1-1 from  landline phone, OR by dialing 330-375-2311 from any phone, OR report online at City of Akron Mayor's Action Request Center.


One form of illegal dumping we find on public land in Akron is the dumping of tires. In 2017, KAB collected and recycled 795 illegally dumped scrap tires. It cost the agency $2.50 for each tire it responsibly disposed of at a reputable recycler. In March 1996, the Ohio Senate passed Bill #165 to keep all tires out of Ohio's landfills. This bill also monitors the hauling and recycling of scrap tires.If you have questions about where to take your tires or other materials, call Summit ReWorks at 330.374.0383.

Akron Curbside Service: To Collect And Serve

Important Information about Smart Carts and Trash/Recycle Collection in Akron, OH:

To learn more about the city of Akron's advanced automated system of handling waste with the green 96-gallon trash cart and the blue 64-gallon recycling cart, please call 3-1-1 (330-375-2311) or visit the City of Akron's Recycling Division page.

Play and Learn



Print and play our Recycle Right Word Find today

and learn about items not accepted

in Akron curbside recycling.




Other Recycling and Disposal Centers for Summit County

Household Hazardous Waste Recycling Center:

Any resident of Summit County may take their household hazardous waste to this seasonal facility managed by ReWorks. Be sure to call 330-374-0383 or check online at for hours and days of operation. 1201 Graham Road (at the Route 8 Exit) Stow, OH

D.U.M.P. (Dispose Unused Medications Properly)

Don't flush or throw away unused prescripton medications. Go to the Summit County Public Health website to find a D.U.M.P. location near you:

Want to Recycle in Akron?

Learn About Effective Recycling

Check out Waste Management's Recycle Right Video

To Recycle Curbside

See DOs and DONTs on what should and should not go into your recycling on the lower half of the City's Recycling Collection Division page

Still have a question, contact ReWorks at 330.374.0383, City of Akron Customer Service at 330.375.2311 or Keep Akron Beautiful at 330.375.2116 for help.

To Start a Recycling Program

Contact ReWorks at (330) 374-0383 for answers! 

What Can I Do About Litter Prevention?

Get tips about litter prevention, courtesy of our affiliate, Keep America Beautiful.