The City of Akron introduced a sustainability plan on Earth Day, April 22, 2009. This living document is the Greenprint for Akron. Greenprint for Akron created an environmental partnership to foster a sustainable, eco-friendly community through education and leadership. Greenprint set a vision for a sustainable community that contributes to climate and environmental protection which would create opportunities for a healthier quality of life and for economic growth. Akron adopted seven Guiding Principles. A Green Ribbon Panel of City Managers met monthly to learn new operational alternatives for making better sustainable decisions for the future of the greater Akron area. There were eight Smart areas that assigned goals and strategies.

The City of Akron finished its second greenhouse gas survey for 2009 to compare community and city emissions against a baseline survey from 2005. As a former member of ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability USA, the city committed to the 5 Milestone process and utilized the CACP 2009 software to determine greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in terms of carbon dioxide unites, or CO2e. This year-long effort culminated in an update to the original Greenprint for Akron plan by adding a Community Climate Action Plan, using ICLEI's Climate and Air Pollution Planning Assistant (CAPPA) tool. Affinity Consultants assisted in this effort as part of the EECBG funds provided in the 2009 ARRA allocation.


Mission Statement:

The Greenprint for Akron creates an environmental partnership to foster sustainable, eco-friendly community through education and leadership.

Vision Statement:

The Greenprint for Akron sets a vision for a sustainable community that contributes to climate and environmental protection which will create opportunities for a healthier quality of life and economic growth. 


The Greenprint for Akron

Comparison from 2009 to 2012 Community Wide Summary Report- Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Press Release

2009 Greenprint

2012 Greenprint Akron Executive Summary


Summit of Sustainability Award Winners:

SOSA Vision

To create a sustainable community throughout Summit County.

SOSA Mission Statement:

To provide educational resources and training in sustianability planning and recognize leadership in businesses and organizations who successfully implement those plans.


2016 Events:

Visit The Summit of Sustainability Website at

SOSA Workshops


2015 Sustainable Changemakers Join us in honoring them at the 2015 SOSA breakfast.

2012-15 Sustainable Champion- Sterling Jewelers

2012-15 Sustainable Champion- METRO RTA

2013-15 Sustainable Champion- Akron Zoological Park

2014 Winners of the Summit of Sustainability Awards


Effectively Implementing Sustainabilty:

Jacqui Flaherty-Ricchiuti, - KAB Executive Director, Facilitator for SOSA

Recognizing Sustainability:

Nicole Koharik - GOJO

Demand for Change:

Nicholas Zingale - Cleveland State University

Real Results:

Doug Piekarz - Akron Zoo



Action Areas for Akron’s Eco-Smart Campaign

Short & longterm strategies to implement the vision by 2018 should be tracked in the following 8 smart areas:


Smart Energy & Emissions

Air Quality, Alternative Energy, Energy Efficiency, Green Rooftops, Green Build (LEEDS Certification Program), Energy Star, Advocating for Energy Audits, Employee Incentive Programs for Reducing Energy


Press Release: City Research Agreement with U.S. EPA on Steam System

For more information, contact Brad Beckert


Smart Water & Wastewater Management

Water Quality, Water and Wastewater Systems, Methane Recovery for Energy Production, Waste Sludge to Energy Production, Storm Water Pollution Prevention and Water Conservation


Press Release: Akron Water Reclamation Facility Receives a $108,000 Rebate

Press Release: City Moving Forward with CSO Project

Press Release: City of Akron Breaks Ground on Cascade Village Storage Basin Project

Press Release: City of Akron Water Reclamation Service Manager Wins Statewide Award

For more information contact Brian Gresser


Smart Materials & Solid Waste Management

Environmental Purchasing, Commercial and School Recycling, Curbside Recycling, Reducing Consumption of Natural Resources, Composting



Press Release: Green Fair and Clean & Green Converge in Downtown Akron

For more information, contact Rob Harris 


Smart Transit

Mass/Rapid Transit, Promotion of Bicycle Lanes/Trails, Green Map, Carpooling, Conversion of Municipal Fleets, Efficient Traffic Control


Press Release: New Bicycle Friendly Communities Announced

For more information, contact Michelle DiFiore


Smart Development

Neighborhood Revitalization, Brownfield Recapture, Reduce Urban Sprawl, Creating Walkable Urban Neighborhoods, Land Banking, Adaptive Reuse, and Green Job Growth


Press Release: Akron Property Survey to Begin May 19

For more information, contact Nancy Cook 


Smart Conservation Of Natural Resources

Urban Forestry, Preserving Streams/Watersheds, Preserving Open Spaces, Park Systems

For more information, contact Bill Hahn or Jon Malish 


Smart Community Education and Promotion of Progress

Educating Youth, City Staff Training, Greenprint Reporting, Clearinghouse for Climate Change and Community Engagement to Reach Goals, Summit of Sustainablity Awards.


Visit for more information, contact or Jacqui Flaherty-Ricchiuti

Recycling information:

Let's Reycle Akron on What and How to Recycle in Akron

Recycle Tag Example


Recycling Video


Pharmaceutical Collection Disposal Program

The Akron Police Department, in cooperation with the Drug Enforcement Administration and Summit County Health Department, has initiated a Pharmaceutical Collection Disposal Program, D.U.M.P.

The program has been initiated to provide a safe, legal and environmentally friendly means of destroying unused prescription medications.  This is not to be used for illegal drugs such as marijuana.

A pharmaceutical collection box has been placed in the lobby of the Harold K. Stubbs Justice Center.  You are encouraged to dispose of your unused pharmaceuticals at this drop site.  There are no forms to be completed or special packaging to be used.  All that is necessary is to drop your unused prescription medication in their original container or some other secured method such as a sealable sandwich bag. 

Personnel from the Akron Police Department will retrieve these discarded pharmaceuticals and have them properly destroyed in accordance with state and federal guidelines. 


Summit County Public Health - DUMP Info & Cell Phone for Soldiers Info

Behavior Change and Community Engagement

70% of greenhouse gas emissions come from out citizen's carbon footprint.

The best behavior change methodology to reduce carbon footprints in our commuities is using neighborhood empowerment groups. Get Green Columbus (Ohio) has already used this system of Cool Cities planning. If you are a community activist hoping for a greener, more livable city, check out the material created through a lifetime research by David Gershon, Founder/ CEO of the Empowerment institute, at




Green Websites


Empowerment Institute


U.S. Green Building Council- LEED

The Forum for Sustainable & Responsible Investment

Greenhouse Gas Protocol

EPA- Corporate Climate Leadership

American Chemistry Council- Plastics Division

Biomimicry 3.8

Rain Barrel Information- Do's and Don'ts In The City of Akron

Environmental News - Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations 

ICLEI Local Government for Sustainability

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