Graffiti Wipeout Services

Graffiti WipeoutKeep Akron Beautiful operates the Graffiti Wipeout System, a graffiti removal service for public property within the City of Akron. With one agency heading the program, residents, Akron Police and all city departments can quickly relay incoming graffiti reports to Keep Akron Beautiful.


Our agency was chosen to run the graffiti eradication system because of our ability to dedicate time toward its immediate removal within 24-48 hours, the key to successful graffiti prevention. We were also chosen because of our years of involvement with the national Graffiti Hurts® program provided by Keep America Beautiful, Inc., which supplies educational and programming tools to communities, schools, law enforcement and the media to reduce the incidence and severity of graffiti and tagging. Graffiti removal also coincides with our mission to improve Akron’s quality of life through beautification and responsible environmental management.


City employees agree having one agency head the graffiti removal operation (previously under seven different departments) will be more resourceful in fighting graffiti. "For many years the City of Akron and Keep Akron Beautiful have been looking for a solution to the graffiti problem in our community. This new eradication system will definitely make a noticeable difference in our neighborhoods and city," said Captain of the Akron Police Department, Daniel Zampelli.


“Consolidating all graffiti removal efforts to one department will increase efficiency and provide a database of information to assist our police force in combating gang and vandal activity,” said Randy Rose of Building Maintenance for Public Works.


Graffiti Wipeout

KAB was awarded a $50,000 Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services grant to purchase a new graffiti abatement system called Accustrip. The Accustrip System® uses a blast of sodium bicarbonate to power wash all types of graffiti from all surfaces. The Mary S. and David C. Corbin Foundation supplied grant funds for graffiti removal media and safety supplies.


KAB removies graffiti on public property. The cost is $50 and requests for removal service can be made by calling 3-1-1, or  330-375-2311.  


Residents who spot graffiti on public property within Akron are encouraged to report it immediately by dialing 3-1-1 from a landline or 330.375.2311 from a mobile phone, the customer service hotline for the City of Akron. To learn more about the high cost of graffiti to communities, what motivates graffiti vandals and how you can prevent graffiti from happening, log on to Graffiti Hurts.


Top: Graffiti Supervisor, Tim Reid, tests KAB's new graffiti system at Akron's Skate Park. Above: Bruce Hubach from N.T. Ruddock Company

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