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Keep Akron Beautiful is seeking a Education/Public Awareness Specialist who will be the liasion beween the Akron Public Schools, private schools and charter schools in Akron, Ohio. The Education Specialist is an experienced educator that takes the integrated solid waste management and conservation message into the City's classrooms, grades K-12. 


Major Responsibilities:

1.  Classroom Presence

2.  Providing Environmental Education Resources

3.  Offering Teacher Enrichment Opportunities

4.  Environmental Curriculum Knowledge and Use

5.  Office Support


1.  Classroom Presence: An annual assessment will be done to determine which timely local environmental issues need to be addressed in the schools.  Using the Akron Public School's Science Academic Standard and Benchmarks, appropriate classroom presentations will be developed or selected for each topic according to when they are required to be taught by grade level.

A hands-on, cooperative learning approach is being offered by the Education Specialist, where he/she can come into the classroom and guide the class through an environmental project.  Classroom presentations may take many forms but must be offered to public, private & charter teachers in a syllabus distributed in September.


2. Providing Environmental Education Resources Keep Akron Beautiful wants to retain its reputation for being a clearinghouse for the most up to date solid waste management literature and resources.  The Education Specialist is responsible for restocking brochures, giveaways, posters and lesson plans that could be used in the classroom.  This also means seeking out new videos, tapes and slide shows as they become available. The Education Specialist will maintain a library at the agency for office use by public and private school faculty.


3.  Offering Teacher Enrichment Opportunities:  The agency should strive to offer at least two training opportunities annually that present the Akron teachers with new curriculums to use in the classroom.  The Education Specialist is responsible for researching, planning and implementing the workshops, as well as recruiting and communicating with the targeted educators.  He/she will communicate with all KAB trained teachers each semester by writing and distributing an Environmental Educator's News Sheet..


4.  Environmental Curriculum Knowledge and Use:  The Education Specialist should be an expert on the use of the state’s elementary and secondary solid waste management curriculums.  The Education Specialist should also have a working, hands-on knowledge of the elementary and secondary Keep America Beautiful curriculums.  In addition, this agency educator should constantly be researching new curriculums for possible use in the Akron schools that better address local environmental issues.


5.  Office Support:  Assist the Communications & Office Manager with greeting guests when in the office.  Work on various special projects of a seasonal nature as assigned by the Executive Director.


If interested, please submit a cover letter and resume to Jacqui Flaherty-Ricchiuti, Executive Director, at jflaherty@akronohio.gov by June 11, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. We look forward to hearing from you!




Keep Akron Beautiful seeks individuals with an interest in gaining work experience within a nonprofit organization.  S/he must be comfortable supporting the staff, which works as a team to “Improve Akron’s quality of life through beautification and responsible environmental management.”


The Intern will be expected to commit to a specified and agreed upon tenure and will work primarily with programming at Keep Akron Beautiful’s office, alongside the Communications & Volunteer Project Manager.


Goals of Keep Akron Beautiful Internship:

  • Offer training for the benefit of the student.   
  • Provide on-site and meaningful professional experiences for college-level students. 
  • Enable students to gain practical knowledge and familiarity with nonprofit work. 
  • Facilitate understanding of a general office environment and offer insight into work experiences. 
  • Allow Keep Akron Beautiful employees the opportunity to mentor and work with a student who seeks knowledge, professional and practical work skills.   
  • Provide guidance to students seeking work experiences. 



  • Intern will be assigned to the full time Program Manager who will oversee the intern’s day to day responsibilities.
  • Intern will be given at least one major project to complete and report to the full KAB staff at the conclusion of their tenure.
  • Intern will be expected to participate in KAB staff meetings and are encouraged to contribute thoughts and opinions on subject matter.
  • Intern will be given the opportunity to complete a supervisor evaluation form; likewise, the intern will be evaluated at the conclusion of their tenure by their supervisor.
  • Intern will be expected to complete weekly timesheets.
  • Intern will be required to meet with the CEO to complete an exit interview at the conclusion of their tenure.


Interns are expected to meet the following qualifications:


  • Working knowledge of MS Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Detail-oriented and organized
  • Focused and productive on tasks-at-hand
  • Strong verbal and written skills



  • Positive and respectful attitude
  • Willing to take direction, but able to work independently
  • Interest in learning as well as contributing to the greater good


Reporting Structure:

This position reports to the Communicatons &Volunteer Project Manager and ultimately the Executive Director.



This position is based at Keep Akron Beautiful office - 850 East Market Street, Akron Ohio 44310.



This is an unpaid internship. Students will work 10-20 hours or more each week within the regular workday, M-F / 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. We offer a flexible schedule for interns and will work with the applicable candidate to ensure timely encounters with professional staff in the office.  


Students may receive college credit for their work; however, it is the student’s responsibility to petition for the credit through their university or college program.



Helen Dauka, Communications & Volunteer Project Manager

Keep Akron Beautiful / 850 East Market Street/ Akron, OH 44305

Phone:  330-375-2116 / hdauka@akronohio.gov


If interested, please submit resume to Helen Dauka at hdauka@akronohio.gov. We look forward to hearing from you!


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