Community Pride Trailer

The KAB trailers are currently closed for the season. Please come back March 1, 2019 to reserve for next season. 

Thank you to those who worked hard to get trailer projects done this season. Here are the results! 


The Community Pride Trailer's season was a huge success. Over 1218 volunteers worked with the trailer, who donated 6557.5 man hours to projects all over the City of Akron, that collected 15.49 tons of litterpainted 4 buildings, and planted 1240 trees and shrubs. Pictured above is the CPT with a group from Citizen's Bank at Neighborhood Reborn VIII.


The Litter and Illegal Dump Cleanup Trailer, which was available for its fourth season in 2018, was loaned out to groups who tackled urban blight in their neighborhoods for litter sweeps or vacant lot transformations. This trailer was used by 47 groups, with 959 volunteers, who donated 5818 man hours to collect 8.64 tons of litter20 tires and 2 bags of recyclables.

The Community Pride Trailer Registration is open from April to November (weather permitting).



The Community Pride Trailer (CPT) is available through Keep Akron Beautiful (KAB) for loan to City of Akron residents and community volunteer groups free of charge. There is a minimum of five households or a group of five volunteers needed to be committed to the project to make the group eligible for use of the trailer. The trailer is stocked with landscaping tools and cleanup supplies to assist residents with removing debris and clearing vacant lots in Akron’s neighborhoods. This season, Lowe's located in Fairlawn, donated a large amount of supplies to the CPT and helped make many of the projects possible. Thank you Lowe's!

This program is Keep Akron Beautiful’s attempt at spreading urban beautification beyond the downtown Flowerscapes by reviving vacant land so the abandoned lots become safe, appealing  spaces where community gardens, playgrounds, and/or gathering green spaces can be developed by neighbors. Keep Akron Beautiful Litter Program Staff will deliver and pick-up the trailer to and from the designated location. The trailer is booked on a first-come, first-served basis April through October. Please check with Jacqui Ricchiuti ( or 330.375.2116) at the KAB office for trailer availability.


Participation Requirements:

- Must be used in Akron, Ohio

- Event must have Project Coordinator (PC)

- Trailer may be borrowed for a maximum of three days

- Project Coordinator will assume responsibility for the following:


  • Completion and submittal of the CPT Application Form  and the Participant List to KAB two weeks prior to the event.
  • Ensuring all participants using equipment from the trailer are at least 18 years old and have completed all Participant’s Responsibilities and Waiver Form
  • Confirmation of the equipment inventory prior to receipt of the trailer and upon the return of the trailer to Keep Akron Beautiful Litter Program personnel.
  • Distributing supplies to participants and ensuring all equipment is operated safely and used only at the event site. Retrieving supplies once participants have completed the project.
  • Properly securing the trailer and its contents overnight.
  • Ensuring the trailer is free of trash and debris upon its return.
  • Ensuring proper parking location of the trailer at the project area.
  • Replaceing missing items not returned in the condition they were received (normal wear & tear excluded)
  • Completion of the Cleanup Summary Form and submission of event photos. 
  • Recruting a minimum of five households to be involved in the project or a group of 5 dedicated volunteers.


  • Please be on time when meeting the Keep Akron Beautiful staff for the trailer drop off and pickup. We will wait no longer than 30 minutes after your scheduled times.
  • Always use good judgment and be safe. Watch out for participants. Keep them in sight.
  • If something looks suspicious or dangerous call local police enforcement. Do not pick up or touch any bloody item or sharps, report their location to KAB. Akron Police Department patrol cars will be informed of the location of the trailer to monitor overnight.
  • Promote recycling during your cleanup event.
  • Be sure to let us know the success of your event. There will be a hard copy Cleanup Summary Form with a stamped envelope in the CPT trailer to return to KAB. Take photos and submit them too!
  • Congratulate yourself and be proud that you made a difference and have some fun!

Important Information:

Application Form

Cleanup Summary Report 

How To Get Started

Equipment List

Project Coordinator Form

Participant List

Participant Waiver Form

As of September 2018, we have some impressive numbers!

So far, 95 groups consisting of 2,108 volunteers donated 11,830 man hours to remove 23.78 tons of litter, 48 tires and a junk car, plant 2,890 flowers, paint 8 homes, and install 3 community gardens and a playground.


 Thank you to Dominion and Citizens Bank for their initial donations and to Citizens Bank, Akronite sponsors and various beautification donors for keeping it running each season


The Community Pride Trailer CPT was made possible through initial grants from:

The Dominion Foundation and the Citizens Bank Foundation.

Each year CPT funding is sustained by the Citizens Bank Foundation with

  additional trailer tools, materials and maintenance made possible through sponsorship by Akronites:

 Ann & David Brennan | House of LaRose | Jim & Julie Pulk | The Richard and Alita Rogers Family Foundation