Trailer Application Form

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Trailer Application
  1. For Community Pride Trailer only

    1. Small Rototiller
    2. Small Power Washer
  2. I, as the designated Project Coordinator (PC) agree to the following:

    • As PC, I will work with Keep Akron Beautiful, (KAB) and any local authority to determine a proper parking location for the trailer and will meet with a KAB staff member at that location when the trailer is delivered and picked up.
    • I will ensure all participants using the equipment from the trailer are at least 18 years old and have completed all Waivers.
    • I will confirm the equipment inventory prior to receipt of the trailer and upon return of the trailer with KAB staff.
    • I will distribute supplies to participants and ensure all equipment is operated safely. I will retrieve the supplies once participants have completed the project.
    • I will properly secure the trailer and its contents.
    • I will replace any item missing or not returned in the condition they were received (normal wear and tear excluded).
    • I will ensure the trailer is free of trash and debris upon return.
    • I will complete and submit the Cleanup Summary Report to KAB.
  3. * I agree
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