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Keep Akron Beautiful (KAB) improves the quality of life through beautification and responsible environmental management.


See KAB At-A-Glance for current year stats of the following programs and more:



  • Beautification Watch Awards are mailed to Akron addresses, including businesses, institutions, and residences each September. They received these awards for a property within public view that is well-maintained, litter free and landscaped in such a way to stand out from their surroundings. The nominations process is open in the month of July, the same month that volunteers canvass the city looking for worthy addresses.


  • KAB portable trash and recycling receptacles are available through Keep Akron Beautiful for litter prevention uses during civic events.  Organizations are required to sign an acceptance form that they will return the receptacles to KAB following the event to be re-used.


  • ACBC – Aluminum Cans for Burned Children – KAB is the distribution agent for receptacles and liners – we coordinate and encourage new sites for collection to benefit victims at the burn unit of The Children’s Hospital of Akron by collecting cans at the office and recycling at a local Akron fire department. There should be one next to every vending machine! Again, part of our KAB portable trash receptacles program (see above). For info, go to the Loan A Receptacle page by clicking the portable trash receptacles link above or call us at 330-375-2116.


  • Schools participate in an America Recycles Day mixed paper recycling competition which collects tons of paper citywide in River Valley Paper Company parking lot bins. Surrounding community and businesses are encouraged to get involved. Don't forget to take your tollet paper and paper towel tubes.



  • KAB’s Graffiti Wipeout Crew eradicates graffiti tags from public property in a timely manner using the sodium bicarbonate blasting system, paint or solvents. Private property owners can contact KAB for eradication service. The charge is $50, but can increase if it is a large job.


  • Keep Akron Beautiful's professional Flowerscapes adorn areas throughout downtown Akron, at national event locations and more.


  • Adopt-A-Sites (AAS) are located in all ten wards of the city.  Each year volunteer groups plant and maintain blooming flowerbeds on public lands, at AMHA developments, and on school properties.  They are designated by a KAB sign bearing an aluminum plate identifying the sponsoring group. New volunteer groups and public sites need to be identified by March of each year.


  • KAB processes complaints concerning public illegal dumping incidents, or littered roadsides within your area.  KAB also handles litter collection on the expressway system and in city parks.  You can call 330-375-2116 to report a spill or a heavily littered area in your area, Monday through Friday.  KAB illegal dump collection season for public lands is April through October only but litter sweeps occur all year long.


  • The annual Arbor Day Celebration is conducted by our agency Educational Specialist by giving classroom presentations to fourth grade public, private and charter students. Tree seedlings are ordered each year and delivered to all Akron fourth grade students for their participation. Become a volunteer to help us distribute these seedlings.


  • The Summit of Sustainability Awards presentation began in 2012 to recognize sustainability efforts in the business and organizational community of Summit County.  See for more information.


  • The Sustainable Business Network (SBN) of The Summit of Sustainability Awards is a networking group of likeminded individuals in the busines and organizational community. Professionals are able share, learn and discuss sustainable strategies.Visit for current events or workshops. 


  • The Community Pride Trailer program  was created in 2011 for the sole purpose of assisting volunteer groups in transforming abandoned vacant properties into useful green spaces, but has also been a big help to the community gardening movement in the City of Akron. The program loans the tools/equipment for up to a 3-day period. If you have a project and a volunteer labor force in mind, go to to get program details, forms and check out the scheduling calendar.


  • The new Litter and Illegal Dump Cleanup Trailer joined our fleet in September 2014, thanks to a generous grant from the Charter One Foundation. This trailer is stocked with all of the supplies needed for a community cleanup, including: trash bags, recycle bags, gloves, litter grabbers, and rakes. The program loans the tools for up to a 3-day period. If you have a cleanup in mind, go to to get program details, forms and check out the scheduling calendar. 


  • Akron teachers are invited to attend enrichment activities to gain environmental education ideas. Past activites include a Greenprint Enrichment Tour and a Keep America Beautiful Waste In Place seminar. Both experiences offer teachers the ability to obtain teaching and facilitating tools for helping to bring environmental topics focused on litter and waste prevention into their Akron classrooms. Keep Akron Beautiful continues to involve and engage the educational community in these important topics that teach young students who not only take their learning home but take it into the future for positive change.


Environmental education, beautification of public lands and litter prevention are the main focuses of our programming. For current year program events and stats, follow us social media, sign up for our newsletter or see our At-A-Glance page accessed on the bottom tab of our homepage. If you would like to donate to KAB programs, you may donate online or send donation to Keep Akron Beautiful, 850 E. Market St., Akron OH 44305-2424. Or donate to the Keep Akron Beautiful Endowment Fund of Akron Community Foundation at or by calling 330-376-8522.


In 2015, for every dollar donated, Keep Akron Beautiful gave $27.28 worth of benefits back to the community in planting/bed maintenance, litter/graffiti removal, education, environmental promotion, painting/landscaping national venues and parks, and more. Thank you for helping us work toward long-term solutions and education!