What is Arbor Day? Winning Slogans from Akron Schools Give Insight

by Pam Ray, Educational Specialist

Again this year, I met with Akron fourth graders to educate these students about Arbor Day (April 26). Then, my Arbor Day assignment to them was to: Create an Arbor Day Slogan that reflects the fundamental roles that trees play in conserving humans’ use of energy.

These bright students have taken in what they’ve learned and come up with some outstanding motto quotes to help celebrate the day, and the slogans were entered in our annual Arbor Day Slogan Contest, sponsored by Keep Akon Beautiful (KAB) and the City of Akron Engineering Dept.

City of Akron Signal Tree

Picture of Akron’s historical Signal Tree courtesy of City of Akron.

2013 Arbor Day Slogan Winners

Here are the winners:

    • 1st Place Arbor Day Slogan: When it’s hot, trees give shade that hits the spot! (Submitted by Bettes School – Joanne Yarnell, Teacher)
    • 2nd Place Arbor Day Slogan: We take care of trees…they take care of us! (Submitted by Betty Jane CLC – Shelly Partis, Teacher)
    • 3rd Place Arbor Day Slogan: Trees are cool, they help us use less fossil fuel. (Submitted by Windemere CLC – Mike Dunn, Teacher)

All three winning schools will receive a certificate. In addition, Suncrest Gardens, R. B. Stout and Vizmeg Landscape will be at Bettes School, Betty Jane CLC, and Windemere CLC respectively to help them plant their tree. A proclamation from Mayor Don Plusquellic will be given to the 1st place winner, Bettes School, at their planting event.

Thank you to Anne Armao, Member, KAB Board of Directors; Darcy Forshee-Candido, Principal, Sam Salem CLC; John Malish, City of Akron Engineering/Construction; and Sarah Vradenburg, KAB Volunteer, for judging the 2013 Arbor Day Contest. Thank you also to all the partners that make this event possible. And thank you to the schools, teachers and students for helping me to celebrate this Arbor Day.

What is Arbor Day?

In Latin, the word arbor means tree, and Arbor Day is a day that encourages all of us to plant more trees, care for trees, and celebrate the significance of trees in and for our environment.

The first Arbor Day was initiated in Nebraska on April 10, 1872 by Julius Sterling Morton, a journalist and politician from Michigan. By 1920, all states had passed laws to celebrate the day.

Share what you know by leaving your reply below, and have a Happy Arbor Day!

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