Update on Community Pride Trailer Weekend Glendale Community Garden Project

by Cindy Pantea

Community Pride Trailer at The New Glendale GardenThank you so much for the wonderful resource of the Community Pride Trailer!!!!! This was the sentiment from the Glendale Eco District group who used the Community Pride Trailer (CPT) and worked to create The New Glendale Community Garden this past weekend. Through uncooperative weather…and some really hard earth, I might add.

KAB's Ccommunity Pride Trailer Rototiller Used at The New Glendale GardenYet the gardening tools from the Keep Akron Beautiful CPT, soil from PRO-MIX® growing mixes, and a lot of sweat and passion from volunteers (neighbors, business owners, and organizations) like Hazel Tree Interiors, Akron Firestation #3 and Asian Services in Action, worked around the raindrops and through the chill to make the soil ready for planting.

In addition the group received expert assistance from an edible landscaping enthusiast and the community organization, Let’s Grow Akron.

Next on The New Glendale Community Garden agenda: St. Vincent-St. Mary Girl Scout Troop will plant a berry bed on May 19. Then, St. Vincent-St. Mary 3rd and 4th graders will learn gardening basics and about eating healthy from a teacher and volunteer, all in preparation to plant vegetables at The New Glendale Garden for the Salvation Army. And dianacoffee.com will soon be donating burlap bags for planting potatoes above ground.

There also will be signups for the designated families to take care of their garden spot.

Needless to say, this whole project has educated and assisted a lot of people. So thanks go gardeners, organizers, and especially the property owner who has lended his property for this effort.

Isn’t it great to live in Akron?

Visit the Keep Akron Beautiful Facebook page for more Community Pride Trailer photos.

 Glendale Eco District with Community Pride Trailer CPT



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