Up-Cycling Spotlight: Kenmore-Garfield High School Disability Classrooms

Something cool is happening at Kenmore-Garfield High School. They have two classes of children with multiple disabilities that are making a difference in their school, and ultimately in their community. One of these classes is responsible for the majority of the entire school’s recycling, which helped them win our Recycle-Bowl competition in the high school category this past fall! Kenmore-Garfield High School recycled a praise-worthy 2.04 tons of paper during our month-long competition. They also keep up the recycling all school year – not just during our competition!

students at kenmore garfield high school that recycled during recycle bowl

Kenmore-Garfield High School students that helped recycle 2.04 tons of paper!

In the other classroom, students are using up-cycling to create jewelry and holiday crafts. They use things like aluminum cans, candy tins, and bingo cards to create new things like pins, earrings, and Valentine’s Day cards.

Valentine’s Day crafts made by the students


The students learn skills doing this that can help them later to be more employable and more independent. The profits from their jewelry and craft sales are also used to fund field trips and replenish their supplies.

These students are running a complete business, and helping the environment while they’re at it. The students also run their own coffee shop where they sell their up-cycled items. It’s called “Garbucks,” and they deliver to the staff in the school (their vanilla latte gives Starbucks a run for their money!).

These students are making a difference in their school, and are setting an example for recycling and up-cycling!




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