Get Rid of Clutter and Recycle at the SAME TIME!

By Jacqui Flaherty, Program Manager

Want to get rid of clutter for good, but make sure it goes to a great cause? Check out these ways to get rid of items and send them off to people in need:

1) Video Games- The Get-Well Gamers Foundation believes that playing Madden NFL 13 can help hospitalized children forget their pain. Send new and used games to its California HQ.

A young child plays video games after a procedure at a children’s hospital.

2) Running Shoes- One World Running promotes health in the United States and the developing world by sending new or nearly new athletic shoes to American shelters as well as Africa, Central America and Haiti. If your shoes aren’t quite “nearly new,” they’ll be recycled into material for tracks and playgrounds.

3) Prom Dresses- Get rid of unwanted tulle at Donate My Dress, which distributes prom, Sweet 16 and quinceañera frocks to girls who can’t afford them.

4) Onesies- If your infant has outgrown his teensy wardrobe, pass it on to Newborns In Need, which provides essentials for a child’s first weeks of life to hospitals serving ill and impoverished babies. The nearest chapter of Newborns In Need to Akron, Ohio, is the Hudson Chapter.

Here is a photo of onesies and sleepers donated to “Newborns In Need”

5) Teddy Bears- If your kids rooms are filled with practically new stuffed animals, consider donating them to Loving Hugs, which offers children in war zones, refugee camps and orphanages a cuddly new friend.

Pictured here are children in an orphanage with the teddy bears they received from “Loving Hugs”.

6) Eyeglasses- New Eyes for the Needy sends your old eyeglasses abroad, bringing the gift of sight to places like Bolivia, Ghana, and Cambodia.

7) Men’s Suits- Have you finally gotten a suit that fits? Donate old ones to Career Gear, which offers unemployed men interview clothing and career counseling.


An unemployed man looks for the perfect suit to wear to his upcoming job interview.

All of these options are a great way to get rid of unwanted items from your home– a great way to re-purpose!

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Let’s Recycle Akron!

By Jacqui Flaherty, Program Manager

How do you recycle? What do you recycle? Are you using your recycling bins that The City of Akron has provided

How to Recycle: Mix together all recyclables  place in a clear plastic bag and place in your recycling cart. Please remember to flatten cardboard boxes, empty and rinse all containers, and place all recyclables in a clear plastic bag.

Let’s go over the acceptable items to recycle if you are a City of Akron resident:

1) Milk, juice, broth, soup and other food and beverage cartons

2) Plastics #1- #7

3) Paper & Cardboard: Do not tie and bundle.

4) Aluminum & other metal cans – labels are fine

5) Glass bottles & jars- labels are fine

Check out the new PDF on Recycling in Akron ~ make sure to share it with your neighbors and friends. Let’s avoid putting recyclables in the trash, Akron! Keep as much waste out of the landfills as possible.

Having an event and need to keep your guests litter, cans and plastic separate? Keep Akron Beautiful can loan you a recycling receptacle – learn more.

Recycle This Valentine’s Day!

By Jacqui Flaherty, Program Manager

DID YOU KNOW? Each year, Americans will send over a billion greeting cards? Take a guess at what day is the single biggest card-giving holiday? That’s right– it’s TODAY…Valentine’s Day!  Remember that greeting cards & their envelopes can be recycled–as well as foil candy wrappers, cardboard candy boxes & paper gift bags. But, there are also some greener options out there, too:

  • Valentine’s E-Cards: Save trees in the name of love! If you really want to give your loved one a card, you can make sure it is printed on recycled paper… or make it yourself!
  • Flowers: How about you plant a tree instead of giving your loved one flowers? If flowers are non-negotiable, look for organic flowers that were grown without pesticides or purchase your flowers from a grocer or retailer that composts its pre-consumer food waste, including floral items.
  • Home-cooked meals: Show your loved ones you care by cooking with fresh, local, organic ingredients.

Whatever you do, in the name of LOVE, just make sure to do it the greenest way possible! Happy Valentine’s Day to our Keep Akron Beautiful friends!


The SOSA Luncheon Recycling Numbers Are In!

by Cindy Pantea

Thank you to Summit/Akron Solid Waste Management Authority and The University of Akron for helping with recycling the waste from the October 25, 2012 SOSA luncheon. Here are the numbers:

Recycling Numbers from SOSA Luncheon

How does your company handle recycling? Do you have numbers that you want to share? Do you want bragging rights? Learn more about the Summit of Sustainability Awards and new categories for 2013 by visiting here.

Also, don’t forget to watch videos of the 2012 sustainable champions, winners and more at the SOSA YouTube site.

The Summmit of Sustainability Awards is a part of Greenprint for Akron, a program facilitated by Keep Akron Beautiful.