Recycle-Bowl Competition

By: Johanna Barnowski, Community Outreach & Program Manager

Recycling has paid off for six Akron schools who are winners of this year’s Recycle-Bowl Competition. Keep Akron Beautiful in conjunction with River Valley Paper Company hosted the competition, which lasted from October 22 to November 16. This year, 23 Akron Public Schools, three charter schools, and seven private schools participated. This competition is a mixed paper drive that helps celebrate America Recycles Day, educate about recycling, and encourage recycling to the students and community.

recycle bowl competition logo

Altogether, these 33 schools were able to collect 24.36 tons or 48,720 pounds of paper, which is just slightly more than in 2017. The winning elementary school, with 7.1 pounds per student (pps) and .80 tons recycled, is McEbright CLC. Their prize includes $250 and a pizza party. The winning middle school with 5.3 pps and 2.20 tons recycled, is Hyre CLC. The winning high school, with 3.52 pps and 1.48 tons recycled, is Kenmore-Garfield High School. The middle and high school winners will receive a cash prize of $500. The winning multi-grade school is Emmanuel Christian Academy, who recycled 7.61 pps and .95 tons overall. Their prize will be $250. These schools all recycled the most paper per pound per student in their respective category.

This year’s Most Improved winner is St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, who recycled 1,120 more pounds in 2018 than in 2017. Their total this year was 3.26 pps and 1.10 tons recycled. They will receive a $250 prize. Finally, this year’s OVERALL winner is Saint Mary School, who recycled 20.61 pounds of paper per student and 1.87 tons total! They will receive a $500 prize. All prizes will be awarded in early January 2019.

This paper drive was designed to prove that Akron’s school staff and students, parents, community members, and local businesses can help save trees, which purge the atmosphere of greenhouse gases just by giving our trash a second life. The receptacles are still in place and are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Filling up the collection bins helps the schools raise money for clubs, their recycling efforts or team uniforms. For more information on the competition or on paper recycling at the Akron school locations, contact Johanna Barnowski at Keep Akron Beautiful, (330) 375-2116.

Thank you to all of the schools who participated this year, including: Betty Jane CLC, Buchtel CLC, Case Elementary School, East CLC, Ellet High School, Findley CLC, Firestone Park Elementary School, Forest Hill CLC, Hatton CLC, Helen Arnold CLC, Hyre CLC, I Promise School, Innes CLC, Jennings CLC, Resnik CLC, Kenmore-Garfield High School, Leggett CLC, McEbright CLC, Miller South School VPA, North High School, Sam-Salem CLC, Seiberling CLC, and Voris CLC. The following charter schools also have bins: Akron Preparatory School, Main Preparatory Academy and Middlebury Academy. The following private school locations are also included in our competition: Chapel Hill Christian School, Emmanuel Christian Academy, Hoban High School, Old Trail School, Our Lady of the Elms, Saint Mary School and St. Vincent-St. Mary High School.


#ThrowBackThursday: Arbor Day Slogans

by Cindy Pantea

Another school year has ended and our Arbor Day contest is complete. Check out our  updated our Arbor Day website page with the winning schools and pictures of the tree planting ceremonies, if you didn’t catch it in our newsletter. (Not a newsletter subscriber? Sign up with your name and email on our homepage on the left side.)

Today, though, we thought we would do a little #ThrowBackThursday blog since we are headed into the warmer weather, so that you can think about the importance of trees and their natural beauty to our health and happiness, while you have fun in the sun.

For a little help, here are all the wonderful slogans from participating Akron fourth grade classrooms for this year’s Arbor Day slogan contest, which was to express how important healthy air is, which comes from trees.

Arbor Day Slogan Contest Entries 2015

  • Trees give us fruit and fun because they’re number one. Glover CLC – Julie Paulus, teacher.
  • Trees help the world go round. Don’t cut them down. King CLC – Tami Porter, teacher.
  • We’re All about Those Trees. Resnik CLC – Bernadette Burton, teacher.
  • Fewer trees, less Breeze, without their leaves, people can’t breathe. Barber CLC – Deborah Geffken, teacher.
  • No trees, no oxygen, no resources, no medicine.  Edge Academy – Derek Rich, teacher.
  • Beautiful Akron, trees are there, please plant trees everywhere. Edge Academy – Derek Rich, teacher.
  • Power to the trees! Without trees, where would we be? Helen Arnold CLC – Brenda Leighton, teacher.
  • Planting trees at home and school will keep you cool. St. Vincent School – Gina Giffels, teacher.
  • Don’t be mean, keep Akron clean, and become green! Betty Jane CLC – Linda Parsell, teacher.
  • People, birds, bees need trees to keep us healthy. Schumacher CLC – Shannon Lamarca, teacher.
  • Trees give us air, so let’s give them care. Our Lady of the Elms School – Autumn Shook, teacher.
  • Trees provide air and more, so I care and adore. Sam Salem CLC – Andra Lessem teacher.
  • Praise all around, because trees help us above and underground. Miller South -Amy Heffernan teacher.
  • At Home Or School, Having Trees is All So Cool!! Harris School – Chris Fassnacht, teacher.
  • Keep trees from the construction, help our lungs function. Seiberling CLC – Diane Fuller, teacher.
  • Healthy air comes from trees; lets’ all protect them please. Resnik  CLC – Anne Pipps, teacher.
  • Trees give us healthy air at home, school and everywhere. Betty Jane CLC-Cindy Orwig, teacher.
  • Everyday is Arbor Day, please don’t cut our trees away! Emmanuel Christian Academy – Dana Marie Baylor, teacher.
  • Need less stress? Plant a tree and let it bless! Windemere CLC – John Dunn, teacher.
  • Gently moving air through trees makes school work a breeze.
  • Trees, Trees, I love trees, don’t cut down trees. Please! Firestone Park School – Jeannine Champe, Teacher.

Again, the winning, second-place and third-place slogans were:

  1. Healthy air comes from trees; lets’ all protect them please. Resnik  CLC – Anne Pipps, teacher.
  2. Trees give us air, so let’s give them care. Our Lady of the Elms School – Autumn Shook, teacher.
  3. Planting trees at home and school will keep you cool. St. Vincent School – Gina Giffels, teacher.

Let’s make everyday Arbor Day!

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Keep Akron Beautiful’s Community Pride Trailer Helps Feed Hungry

by Cindy Pantea

Today and tomorrow, with the help of Keep Akron Beautiful’s Community Pride Trailer, PRO-MIX® growing mixes, and Canton Road Garden Center, wonderful Akron volunteers such as firefighters, Girl Scouts, church youth groups and high school students, will turn an Akron neighborhood vacant lot into a food forest.

What is a food forest?

A food forest (similar to sustainable landscaping or gardening) is a technique that mimics the way things grow in nature by substituting trees with bushes, shrubs, herbs and vegetables which have yields directly useful to humans.

With the creation of this food forest in Akron, called “The New Glendale Garden,” 20 families will have access to fresh grown food and learn how to live sustainable lives.

In addition, a designated spot called “grow a row for the hungry” will be used to grow produce that will be donated to the Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank.

The New Glendale Garden

The New Glendale Garden is currently a vacant lot near the Glendale steps. An interesting fact is that this area was an unfinished WPA project from the depression era.

In The New Glendale Garden will be a designated spot called “grow a row for the hungry.” Whatever food is yielded in this area will be donated to the Akron Regional Food Bank.

New Glendale Garden Volunteer Schedule

On May 10, the Keep Akron Beautiful Trailer is scheduled to arrive at The New Glendale Garden at 3:30 p.m. Subsequently, at 5 p.m., a $4000 donation of growing mixes from PRO-MIX arrives for volunteers to unload. Then, on May 11, tilling the soil begins.

If you would like to help with this garden feel free to join in by showing up at the vacant lot next to S. Walnut Street Akron, OH 44303 or contact 330-338-0011.

Much of this information from taken from Pro Mix Release for Akron. Thank you Leah Haugh from Garden Media Group for passing along this information. Keep Akron Beautiful is proud to be named along with PRO-MIX, Canton Road Garden Center, and the amazing volunteers on such a worthwhile project.



What is Arbor Day? Winning Slogans from Akron Schools Give Insight

by Pam Ray, Educational Specialist

Again this year, I met with Akron fourth graders to educate these students about Arbor Day (April 26). Then, my Arbor Day assignment to them was to: Create an Arbor Day Slogan that reflects the fundamental roles that trees play in conserving humans’ use of energy.

These bright students have taken in what they’ve learned and come up with some outstanding motto quotes to help celebrate the day, and the slogans were entered in our annual Arbor Day Slogan Contest, sponsored by Keep Akon Beautiful (KAB) and the City of Akron Engineering Dept.

City of Akron Signal Tree

Picture of Akron’s historical Signal Tree courtesy of City of Akron.

2013 Arbor Day Slogan Winners

Here are the winners:

    • 1st Place Arbor Day Slogan: When it’s hot, trees give shade that hits the spot! (Submitted by Bettes School – Joanne Yarnell, Teacher)
    • 2nd Place Arbor Day Slogan: We take care of trees…they take care of us! (Submitted by Betty Jane CLC – Shelly Partis, Teacher)
    • 3rd Place Arbor Day Slogan: Trees are cool, they help us use less fossil fuel. (Submitted by Windemere CLC – Mike Dunn, Teacher)

All three winning schools will receive a certificate. In addition, Suncrest Gardens, R. B. Stout and Vizmeg Landscape will be at Bettes School, Betty Jane CLC, and Windemere CLC respectively to help them plant their tree. A proclamation from Mayor Don Plusquellic will be given to the 1st place winner, Bettes School, at their planting event.

Thank you to Anne Armao, Member, KAB Board of Directors; Darcy Forshee-Candido, Principal, Sam Salem CLC; John Malish, City of Akron Engineering/Construction; and Sarah Vradenburg, KAB Volunteer, for judging the 2013 Arbor Day Contest. Thank you also to all the partners that make this event possible. And thank you to the schools, teachers and students for helping me to celebrate this Arbor Day.

What is Arbor Day?

In Latin, the word arbor means tree, and Arbor Day is a day that encourages all of us to plant more trees, care for trees, and celebrate the significance of trees in and for our environment.

The first Arbor Day was initiated in Nebraska on April 10, 1872 by Julius Sterling Morton, a journalist and politician from Michigan. By 1920, all states had passed laws to celebrate the day.

Share what you know by leaving your reply below, and have a Happy Arbor Day!