Litter Hurts

by Cindy Pantea

A plastic bag stuck in a tree. Plastic 6-pack rings, jars and metal cans laying on the ground. We’ve all witnessed it. Sometimes we even rationalize that it was because of a wind storm that blew it out of the garbage or recycling bin and do nothing because “it’s only one piece” or “someone else will get it.”

Sometimes we all need a little friendly reminder from our favorite critters that it could be a big deal. Sometimes we need reminded that with just a little extra effort, we can keep our environment beautiful and our favorite animals safe. So, here is a little PowerPoint movie to do just that.

Do you like turtles? Then you will love Peanut…

Happy July 4th to one and all and thank you for helping to keep Akron and America beautiful.

Special thank yous and attributions for the PowerPoint presentation:

Pictures (in order of viewing)
Slide 1-“Dance of Love” by Lori Branham:
Slide 2-Turtle and Plastic Bag via Melbourne Zoo, Australia:
Slide 3-Great Blue Heron Trying to Eat Bait Fish:
Slide 5-”Pink Plastic Bag Stock Photo” by winnond:
Slide 5-”Shopping Bags on White Background Stock Photo” by kraifreedomat:
Slide 6-”Sort Plastic Bags Out” via City of Fort Collins website:
Slide 7-”Six Pack Rings” via Wikipedia:
Slide 8-Google Search May 2015 “how six pack rings hurts wildlife”
Slide 9-”Pair of Scissors” by keerati:
Slide 10-Bing Search May 2015 “make something from six pack rings:
Slide 11-Peanut w/six pack ring via Missouri Department of Conservation and No More Trash –
Slide 12-Keep Akron Beautiful Clean Up Akron Month 2015 at Summit Lake in Akron Ohio
Slide 13-Brushtail Possum: Victim of Litter via RSPCA Queensland via
Slide 14-”Golden Flying Balloons On The Sky Background Stock Photo” by Serge Bertasius Photography
Slide 15-Keep Akron Beautiful Clean Up Akron Month 2015 at Summit Lake in Akron Ohio

Thank you to the Missouri Department of Conservation and No MOre Trash! for allowing us to share Peanut’s story and inspiring us
Thank you to Rob for realistic  litter problem photojournalism via Kayaking the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta at
Thank you to the RSPCA Queensland for your support and education
Thank you to our awesome volunteers who help during Clean Up Akron Month: