Red, White and Green – How to Have an Eco-Friendly 4th of July

By Johanna Barnowski, Intern

Summer holidays are a great time to celebrate and spend time with family and friends. If you plan on having a party, here are some tips to make your holiday more eco-friendly!

1. Decorations

Backyard barbecues don’t require a lot of decorations, but it’s hard to resist those red, white and blue centerpieces and banners in the $5 and under section at Target. This year, make your own decorations by upcycling!

You can reuse your old k-cups to make a wreath or pop a painted cup over bulbs in a string of lights.

Using living centerpieces is also quick and easy! Pick up a mini tree, wrap the bottom in burlap, tie a ribbon around it and you’ll be set.

Save your decorations for next year or swap with family and friends!

2. Reusable Dishware

It can be easy to pull out the paper plates and plastic cups when you have a large group, but the downside is there are long-lasting consequences for our environment. It is best to use reusable dishes. If you want to use disposable dishware, you can still wash and reuse it at your next party.

Another fun alternative is having your guests bring their own plates! Everyone would be responsible for their own dishes, and the hodge-podge of plates makes it interesting.

3. Use Large Water Containers

We know it’s important to drink water, but it doesn’t have to be out of plastic water bottles! It can be convenient to buy disposable water bottles, but it would save so much waste to use a water jug and reusable cups instead.

Just like with the dishes – guests can bring their own cups!

4. Plan Your Recycling

If you are going to use recyclable dishware, make sure you plan ahead to have a designated recycling bin.  Make sure your bin is clearly marked so your guests know to use it! For information on recycling in the city of Akron click here.

Happy fourth of july Photo.


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