Norfolk Pine Houseplant: Eco-Friendly and Versatile

by Cindy Pantea

norfolk pine houseplant, another good environmental choiceJacqui made great points with her blog post: Real Christmas Trees: The Environmental Choice. Yet, I was still dreading having to clean up those needles as they dry out. So, I decided to buy a Norfolk pine houseplant.

From my research, I found that the Norfolk Pine likes high humidity, full or indirect light, its soil kept moist to the touch and fertilizer in the spring and summer months only. It is also slow growing but can reach a height of 8 feet.

Grocery store floral departments carry Norfolk Pine houseplants around the holidays…already decorated. Once Christmas is over, you can replace the decorations with another seasonal theme, enjoy it on the patio in the summer months, and/or reap the benefits of added oxygen in the air of your home.

Will the houseplant really last? I asked the lady in the grocery store floral department who said that she had given her daughter one 10 years ago and she still has it.

I was sold!



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