LOTS Going on with East Akron Neighborhood Development Corporation

By: Shelby Baker – Communications Intern

The Keep Akron Beautiful (KAB) Community Pride Trailer has been utilized throughout Akron multiple times already this summer! Last month KAB got to witness how the East Akron Neighborhood Development Corporation used the trailer to clean up three lots in need of some restoration and the results were remarkable.

EAND Group.jpg 2

Volunteers from the East Akron Neighborhood Development Corporation worked together to clean up lots on Arlington and Baird and Chitteden and McKinley.

On June 12th, the East Akron Neighborhood Development Corporation started on a two day project of restoring disorderly lots in Akron. They first began with two lots on the corners of Chittenden and McKinley where they spent the Friday afternoon cleaning up the lots using supplies from the KAB Community Pride Trailer. They also cleaned up the sidewalk, trimmed shrubs and trees down and planted flowers, with the goal of making the lots more appealing to neighbors and easier for pedestrians to pass. As a result of being so cluttered, the group also needed assistance from the City of Akron with the clean-up. Kyle Julien, Director of Urban Planning at EANDC elaborated more on what was done stating, “Here we took two vacant lots at Chittenden and McKinley and cleaned them up. Neighbors had been complaining about them at our community meetings, so we asked the city to do the first mow (waist high grass) and then we followed with your mowers on that day. We also cleaned up the sidewalk and cleared the shrubs and trees back so people could walk down the sidewalk. On the south side we did a mow, trimmed some trees, and planted a street-edge flower bed”. After working on the lots, we can definitely see the difference. Check out the before and after pictures of what the lots looked like before the volunteers were able to restore them!


BEFORE                                      AFTER

On June 19th, the volunteers teamed up with a crew from Myers Industries as part of the United Way Day of Action program. Together, the two groups worked on another lot at the corner of Arlington and Baird, which was created years ago by another group of volunteers. As a result of the lot’s location and state of disorder, the group of volunteers felt a need to restore it. Julien commented that, “This is a very visible spot on South Arlington that a different group had planted some years ago, but had fallen into disarray a bit. So we mowed, did 2 plantings, and spread seven yards of mulch.” By planting the new additions and adding more mulch the Arlington lot’s appearance certainly improved! Check it out!

Lot at the corner of Arlington and Baird

Lot at the corner of Arlington and Baird

EANDC restoring the lot at the corner of Arlington and Baird

So far this summer we have seen some remarkable projects done in the community, but without the supplies it can be hard. Julien noted, “We don’t have storage capacity right now so KAB’s equipment was essential in the project. We were able to bring together 15 volunteers from the neighborhood and from Huntington Bank to accomplish a great deal of work in a single day. Thank you!” Thanks to the East Akron Neighborhood Development Corporation for doing such a good job restoring the lots in Akron!

The Community Pride trailer still has openings for the 2015 season. If you have an event you would like to work on in the community go to http://www.keepakronbeautiful.org/community-pride-trailer2 now to book the trailer for a project that will benefit the Akron community. Interested candidates have until the last weekend of October to sign up to use the trailer. If you have a project in the community you would like to work on let us provide the supplies!

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