Look at This Akron City Beautification Pride!

Collection of Keep Akron Beautiful Beautification Watch Awards

Akron resident displays all Keep Akron Beautiful Beautification Watch Awards

By Cindy Pantea

There are countless individuals who are proudly displaying their Keep Akron Beautiful Beautification Watch Awards — so we are told, but here is one picture to prove it in at least one home.

Donnie Kammer, Councilman, Ward 7, checked in on one of his mature constituents, and was shown, with gleaming pride, a wall full of 15 awards! We are so glad he shared this picture.

And there are more Beautification Watch Award stories…read actual quotes from emails and notes from Akron residents below.

Sharing and Trading Plants and Ideas

In an email from a resident who asked to remain nameless if we mentioned this: We have a friend, for whom life is difficult and who lives in another part of the city, who was really thrilled to receive her certificate. I know she has put a lot of thought and effort over many years into developing and maintinaing her small yard and garden. It’s an activity she really enjoys. We have traded plants and ideas over the years.

Beautification/Environmental Education: A Family Event

An email from Dolores: Our 11 year old grandaughter Alexandra planted the flowers under my supervision,  You made her day.  Your letter is framed and hangs in our home.  We appreciate all the work you do to make Akron beautiful.

Enthusiasm About Others

An email from Michael: Is there a public list of properties that received the award available? I would love to drive around and see some of the other awardees!

(The answer to this is, by the way, is no, but our Keep Akron Beautiful can Beautification Watch Award volunteers would say that a drive or walk through Akron neighborhoods sure makes for a beautiful summertime event.)

More Akron Pride

An email from Sally: I believe that it is a pleasure to be a responsible homeowner in Akron, so I thank you for your efforts in caring for our outstanding city.

An email from Johnn: Keep up the good work. We’re making progress every year on getting flowers planted, yards maintained, and developing a cleaner, more livable city. It’s so much improved over the years since we arrived in 1969.

Note from Jan and Rich: My husband and I are “house proud” so we love being honored by you. And, we love Akron!

A note from Sandra: It is nice to know that one’s gardening is enjoyed by others. Thanks for the award. Thanks to you and your staff that keeps all of Akron beautiful.

Note from Robert:  Thank you for the award. I am flattered. I am a native of Akron, born in 1920, and never left town except for 4 years in the AAF during WWII. I love Akron.

Note from Beth and Bob: We work hard on keep it clean, planting flowers, no weeds. We do not pay anyone to do anything. We do it all ourselves and enjoy it. Thank you so much!

Note from Madeline (who tells us she is 85): The yard is the one thing I take pride in, and keeps me going.

We enjoyed hearing from you. All of your cards, letters and emails were forwarded to Don Mittiga, Mayor Plusquellic, Marco Sommerville, Eric Jones and/or Paula Davis as you requested, all of whom were touched.


One thought on “Look at This Akron City Beautification Pride!

  1. It was an honor to receive the Beautification Watch Award in the mail. I enjoy keeping our house and yard neat and well groomed and it is a thrill to know that others notice and appreciate the effort.
    Thank you and thank everyone that keeps Akron looking beautiful!

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