The Keep Akron Beautiful Adopt-A-Site Program

Leah Heiser, Flowerscape Director

The Keep Akron Beautiful (KAB) Flowerscape program, in 2018, consists of 33 agency maintained beds that are found throughout the City of Akron. Our Adopt-A-Site (AAS) program is a separate part of Flowerscape and allows neighborhood volunteers to plant and maintain beautification sites on public land, like devil strips and parks.

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Karona Park Adopt-A-Site 2015 maintained by Parkway Estates

While many question the ability to put AASs on vacant lots, these areas are not considered public spaces due to ownership rights.

To become an KAB AAS, certain criteria must be met, but basically volunteer groups are able to choose their own public space location that is near a fire hydrant. The location needs to be determined by the volunteer group in the fall, rather than during the spring/summer, as KAB’s Flowerscape crew needs to ensure the topography is good for planting and also will help with the first year bed prep. The crew is unable to do this during their busy planting and growing season.

When it has been decided in the fall that an area is going to become a KAB volunteer-maintained AAS the following year, volunteer representatives (ideally the entire group) must attend the annual AAS Clinic in April of the following year to receive proper planting and maintenance techniques.

When the season begins, the KAB Flowerscape crew, as mentioned earlier, will assist the group in landscape planning and first-year site preparation. Subsequently, AAS signage will be ordered for the location. Each season, as an AAS, the group can purchase wholesale plant materials and have free hydrant connections for watering the site.

In addition, KAB provides bags for end-of-season bed cleanup as well as trash bag removal.

The AAS program currently has 64 sites throughout the City of Akron neighborhoods. If you are considering on becoming an Adopt-A-Site through Keep Akron Beautiful, it is recommended that you start getting your group of interested volunteers together now and choose your site. Then you will be ready to contact Leah Heiser with your site location and group by the fall.


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