KAB Recognizes Other Emerging Businesses in Sustainability Part 2

by Cindy Pantea

Keep Akron Beautiful (KAB)/Greenprint for Akron shares more on the efforts of the other Summit of Sustainability Applicants (SOSA) that received a certificate as an “Emerging Company” in the area of sustainability:

Akron Children’s Hospital (Nonprofit) Nutrition Dept.: Did you know that all food is recyclable—including meat and bones? This is what Akron Children’s Hospital learned when they partnered with SASWA/Rosby’s to begin a serious food recycling program, and serious it was! The Hospital’s 2012 food scrap recycling program diverted 17,356 pounds of food scraps from the landfill to become compost instead. This new food recycling program best practice will go along the Hospital’s other best practices: Using more energy efficient light bulbs, reduced water usage due to repairs, installation of more efficient equipment, and recycling cardboard and batteries used throughout the hospital.

Hazel Tree Interiors (small business): This design business, owned by a husband and wife team, Karen Starr and John Haidet, uses repurposing, redesign and buying local as their first approach to design. They upcycle or recycle almost all of our waste: All packaging material goes to the local business, The Bomb Shelter, for the Ebay portion of their business, and all discontinued design materials go to arts projects and ZeroLandfill. Their historic building (built in 1875) is often used for many organizations’ fundraising and causes. Meanwhile, Karen is involved with the organization, Greater Akron Innovation Network for Sustainability (GAINS) and has been working on a curbside recycling education video.

refrigerator recyclingJaco Fridge Recycling – a branch of Jaco Environmental (small business): This partnership between Jaco Environmental and SEG Umwelt Service GmbH has a goal to “make the world a better place by the art of safe, responsible appliance recycling,” which includes refrigerators with dangerous refrigerants that can harm the environment. Jaco offers customers an incentive by giving them a rebate for their old but working energy-hog-of-a-fridge and even picks up the item at no charge. (If the refrigerator does not work, a customer can drop it off at Jaco and have it recycled for a small fee.) The Stow facility has the first and only mobile refrigerator shredder in the US, and in a year and a half they have shred over 66,000 fridges. In addition, they’ve recycled over 79,000 appliances totaling over 8,000,000 lbs. of scrap and refrigerant. That means they have stopped 790,000 tons of CO2 or CO2 equivalent from entering the atmosphere.  That’s just like taking 1.58 million cars off the road for an entire year. JACO’s process is so thorough and safe that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency honored the business with an International Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award in 2004 and a Best of the Best award in 2007. Their facility has also been awarded the Green technology award by the city of Stow and has been featured on the show, “Designing Spaces” Think Green Series as well as has been featured in many newspapers and blogs. What a big endeavor for a company that has only 12 full-time employees.

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