KAB on 1590 WAKR-AM

by Helen Dauka, Keep Akron Beautiful Intern

Did you tune in to 1590 WAKR-AM  Saturday morning on October 13  to hear Keep Akron Beautiful on the radio?

For those of you who missed the memo or might have just been sleeping in, I joined John Sharp of River Valley Paper Company on the radio show My Beautiful Home to talk about the Recycle Bowl competition. My Beautiful Home on WAKR logo

John and I sat down to chat with the show hosts Andy January and Katheryn DeLong about the benefits of recycling, the importance of getting kids involved and what roles KAB and River Valley Paper Company are playing in these efforts.

Being my first time on the radio, I was a little apprehensive. Everyone at the station was so friendly and helpful though! Before the interview, Andy told me it would be the fastest hour of my life. After all was said and done, I’d have to almost agree with him! Andy and Kathryn were both great hosts, making the interview run seamlessly. I think it sounded like an actual conversation. On par with the hosts, John Sharp can only be described as a natural.

The studio was very crowded that morning. There were probably 4-5 microphones and seven of us trying to share them! In the studio that day were Margie and Ray Toombs, owners of Maid Brigade of Northeast Ohio, Rochelle Fisher, president and CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Summit County and phoning in was Judi Bar, owner of HeartLight Yoga Center n Rocky River Ohio.

Each guest had something green to say! To learn more about the other guests, visit http://mybeautifulhomeshow.com/ for the recap and links to their websites. Check back to see when the show is posted!

Tune in to 1590 WAKR-AM on Saturdays at 10am to hear MY Beautiful Home.

Thanks again to John, Andy and Kathryn for a fun Saturday morning!

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