KAB Dedicates Flowerscape to Polly Kaczmarek

By Johanna Barnowski, Intern

On September 25th, 2017, Keep Akron Beautiful dedicated our Alexander Park Flowerscape to our 34-year Flowerscape Director, Polly Kaczmarek. This Flowerscape was dedicated to Polly to recognize and thank her for all of the work she did before retiring in 2016 – including helping to start the Flowerscape program.

 Polly Kaczmarek next to sign dedicating flowerscape to her

Polly next to her dedication sign

Polly always favored Alexander Park during her employment. Besides its beauty, Polly was particularly fond of the park because it is where she married her husband, Jeff, in 2003. The dedication sign is in the area where Polly’s son, Jason Simmons, walked her down the aisle on her wedding day.

 Polly Kaczmarek and husband jeff on wedding day

Polly and husband Jeff on their wedding day

Since 1983, Polly’s work has had a long lasting impact on not only Keep Akron Beautiful, but the City of Akron. The Flowerscape program has been considered a “model program” throughout the National Network, Keep America Beautiful, for many years. Keep America Beautiful, Inc. has awarded the agency the Presidents Circle Award annually since 2003, and the Flowerscape program has always been a large part of the award.

Flowerscape at Alexander Park dedicated to Polly Kaczmarek

Flowerscape at Alexander Park dedicated to Polly Kaczmarek

Thank you to Polly for her commitment to Keep Akron Beautiful, and we are proud to dedicate this Flowerscape to her!

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